Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Restaurant Review- Giminetti

Yesterday we had to run out during lunch to drop some toys off at the marine corps building for Toys for Tots for work. On the way we passed a little Italian looking place on Gilbert called Giminetti and decided to try something new! I loved the environment, small little place but with floor to ceiling windows that almost make you feel like you're sitting outside

Nancy got the Italian Wedding Soup which she enjoyed and a side of the pasta salad which she didnt enjoy as much. I did take a bite and it was more mayo/sour cream based rather than Italian dressing based which I really like better. She thought it was pretty good for a $5 lunch.

Kathie got the smothered Pork Loin Sandwich (minus the smothered) and thought it was kind of dry.... She also got the hashbrowns which were warm roasted red potatoes...and wished they had a little more spice.

I got the Philly Steak and Cheese Sandwich by recommendation of the server (I've been randomly giving the server 3 choices lately and making them pick for me....which has been interesting) It was good. The bread is all baked fresh in house which is yum...but I would still prefer Penn Station. I also got the hash browns, which I had to salt pretty liberally but I thought they were good for what they were....

The waitress also brought this chocolate chip cookie, which I'm pretty sure was an accident, but the three of us split it anyway and it was delicious... very soft and chocolatey.

Definitely a nice little lunch place find!

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