Monday, December 7, 2009

Christmas Tree

Everyone who knows me knows I love all things Christmas.... if it was socially acceptable I would listen to Christmas music all year round instead of regular music. I love Christmas trees, Christmas movies, Christmas Parties, corny Christmas shows, etc.
I was so excited on Friday to kick off the Christmas season officially at our new house!

I wanted the warm smell of comfort food filling the house while we sipped on a glass of red wine, listened to Christmas Music and put up the that's exactly what we did!

Silly little sign my mom bought me at a craft show... apparantly it reminded her of me...

We made a tasty Braised Beef with Mushrooms and Cabernet Sauce in the Dutch Oven to simmer away for two hours and fill the house with delicious smells while we went down the street to pick out the perfect tree and bring it back home...

We found the perfect tree!! Maggie is wondering if anyone but her notices that there is an actual real tree inside the house...

The results of our hard work:

And the results of two hours of simmering in the oven. should've smelled it!

We whipped up some rosemary garlic mashed potatoes and this was our delicious and comforting dinner... add a glass of red wine, some Christmas music and a sparkly Christmas Tree....and you really can't ask for a better night!!

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Emily Malone said...

I am in Traditional European Cusine right now! Alllll braising and stewing - yours looks spot on! :) Good work. My tree is still half decorated:/