Friday, December 18, 2009

Book Club Christmas

Keeping with my recent theme of awesome Christmas Traditions....this year was the Book Babes THIRD annual Ornament Exchange....and also my first chance to entertain in my new house!! I was too busy running around to snap the normal amount of pics, but got to steal a couple from Nicole of the evening...

Every year we skip the December book and just get together to eat/drink/hang out and do our White Elephant Ornament Exchange!

We had a delicious homemade feast (I made the main dish and apps and everyone else brought sides and desserts) It was such a festive and fun (and delicious!) way to spend time together!

Very first meal at my new dining room table!!!

Really Really love these girls :)

The ornament I scored in the white elephant ornament exchange... so cute!

I love our little book club and look forward to seeing them every single month. Cheers to more fun in 2010 ladies!!


Meg said...

Amen to that!)

MichelleR said...

I can't wait for this year! Thank you all so much for accepting me to book club. I truly truly love it (and of course all of you)!

Krista said...

Yay! Who would have thought our little club would have lasted this long? :)

disabelladesign said...

so cute! i miss you girls and our book club. i thought of all of you again when i hung my book babes ornament on my tree this year :)