Friday, December 11, 2009

Another Fun (and food related) Christmas Craft

This year, the Christmas Party Planning committee was trying to come up with favors to give out at this year's party... I came up with the idea of cookie jars (if you've never seen them, it's all the dry ingredients for cookies in a jar- flour, sugar, brown sugar, chips, baking soda, salt, etc) and basically to make cookies you just need to dump the contents of the jar in your mixer, add some butter and an egg and you have a delicious batch of made from scratch cookies!!

So I scoured the neighborhood for Mason Jars in the middle of winter... filled up my shopping cart at Sam's with (multiple) 20lb bags of flour, sugar, etc, ordered some delicious Deweys and had the team over for a good old fashioned Christmas assembly line....or something...

First, Lunch.....cookie jar making on an empty stomach would be a terrible idea!
My very favorite pizza on this earth...the Edgar Allen Poe from Deweys:

Next up- the ingredients!

84 Mason Jars (not an easy task to find in the middle of winter!!)

aaaand it was time to get started... we opened all the jars and started our assembly line:

First Finished Jar!!! 1 down......79 more to go!

Then obviously during a (much deserved) break....we decided we needed to make sure they tasted good, and we baked up a jar right there. I am a non sweets lover and even I'm not sure if i can think of many things better than chocolate chip cookies RIGHT out of the oven... mmmmmmm

We brought them to our Christmas Party and scattered them around our VP's gorgeous (and humongous) basement for guests to take as they were leaving the party... I think they turned out so super cute, don't you agree? And such a personal little touch for a holiday gift!!

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