Thursday, November 12, 2009

Restaurant Review- Keystone

I have to admit, I have been to Keystone twice before today and didn’t like it either of the times I had it. One time I got a chicken sandwich so dry I could barely chew it…and also once got a veggie burger, also the driest thing I had ever tasted. No amount of mayonnaise and ketchup could make it edible. Today for lunch…we wanted to check out Chalk for lunch, but alas, it wasn’t open for lunch, so I opened my big stupid mouth and said, “why don't we just go across the street to Keystone.” In my head I knew I had been there twice and it was gross both times….but I decided I wanted to give it one last official food blogging try.

First of all.. I always randomly forget you are allowed to smoke in restaurants in the KY. No one (that I noticed) was actually smoking…but that musty smoky smell was lingering in the air. The smell that just smells stale and makes you pretty sure you’re going to smell like that when you leave. So the first impression…not so good…the other two times had been warm spring early afternoons, perfect for an outdoor lunch… I had actually never even been in the actual restaurant.

The first thing we ordered is a basket of chips with their homemade barbecue sauce. The sauce is pretty good…has a little kick to it…which I like…and who doesn’t like homemade chips? However for me personally the sauce was a little not the best I've ever had or anything...but I appreciate the homemade effort for sure!

Next they brought out our meals. I was excited to see a whole list of different quesadillas! I asked the waiter what his favorite was and he said the buffalo chicken’dilla so I ordered that… my co-workers both ordered burgers, one plain and one with gorgonzola cheese. The food came out and I had a huge sloppy quesadilla with a side of blue cheese dressing. It looked delicious. I picked it up and hot sauce just started dripping out of it like crazy. I tasted it…and was disappointed because all I could taste was the hot sauce. The chicken seemed to be cooked well, there was blue cheese and onions in it…but unfortunately..all I could taste in the whole thing was the massive amounts of hot sauce. Don't get me wrong... I like hot sauce..but I dont like to eat an entire meal that basically tastes like eating hot sauce with a fork.

Nancy’s gorgonzola burger was pretty dry..I tasted it and it was decent, but not a juicy burger you would expect at a place that has multiple specialty burgers on the menu. I won’t even comment on the plain hamburger because, well I don’t think I’d like a plain hamburger no matter where I was. However she did order it medium rare and was the only person not complaining about her maybe that says something!

Unfortunately for me…Keystone just misses the mark. While their barbeque sauce isn’t bad, it’s not enough to make up for rest of the food and the smelly atmosphere …..and today was definitely my last visit.

*all photos courtesy of Nancy :)

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Anonymous said...

I often find it amusing, random people qualify themselves as food critics b/c they have internet access. I think you missed the mark entirely on The Keystone-one of my favorite restaurants in town. It is super veggie friendly and the mac and cheese and quesadillas are the bomb-not to mention half price on mon. and tues. Everything at the Keystone is homemade-save the veggie burgers, which, as a vegetarian for over 20 years are not dry. The Keystone is a great locally owned establishment w/so much to offer-brunch, brews, football, dinner, drink/food I said, all it takes is a camera phone and the internet.

Jen Lilley said...

And I guess it takes the same things to leave anonymous comments on people's blogs...minus the camera. I'm glad you like seems like a lot of people do. But I have been there 3 times and I don't...and that's the fun of having a blog..I get to write my own opinion of it.

Anonymous said...

The whining about the smoke smell pretty much summed up this bitchy review.

Anonymous said...

I agree. At some point having a computer and an opinion became the minimum requirement to be a food critic. As a business owner myself I think it is unfortunate that restaurant owners have to endure people posting negative comments about their livelihood on the internet by people who have no qualifications to legitimize their statements. I bet you like to eat at places like I-Hop and Chipotle.

Jen Lilley said...

I'm starting to get the feeling this "anonymous" person is the same person just leaving multiple nasty comments. At no point did I claim to be a food critic...and I love independently owned local restaurants. I wanted to write this review the first time I went there and disliked their food, but felt terrible about giving an independent place a bad review, so went back two more times before writing this. My qualifications are my taste buds. Sorry to offend you "anonymous"

Veggie Option said...

Jen, you are absolutely correct in your assumption about the anonymous poster. They did the same to my blog when I gave them a less than stellar review.

It's pretty obvious that someone at that restaurant cannot take criticism, however well-intentioned and well-reasoned. I guess they don't need our business, eh?