Monday, November 16, 2009

New House- Upstairs

I promised Part 2 of the house here it is!

The Master Bedroom:

The Plan: I really like the paint color in this room.... especially how it contrasts with the white, but I'm not sure it will match our we'll have to see once we get our stuff in there. My immediate project for this room is the closets and finding a way that will maximize the space we have in there. I'm talking about ripping down a random wall...or at least some of it to peek behind it and see if its able to be ripped down.... we'll definitely be testing our handiness skills...and by we I mean Rob and my Dad....on this project at least...

The Guest Bedroom:

The Plan: The little boy yellow is out... a pale shade of gray is in to match the white furniture and purple bedding going into this guest room. Guests welcome anytime :)
The Bathroom:

The Plan: Again, the yellow needs to go..and also that shower door needs to go... I'm not a fan of it...maybe a new door eventually...but for right now a simple rod and pretty curtain will have to do. Not sure of paint colors for this room... ideas?

The Basement:

The Plan: Learn how to use this washer and dryer that has controls like a spaceship..
Put our current couch/loveseat/tv down in this room to make way for our new couch/tv that will go into the living room. Paint and make pretty the basement bathroom that is very much a basement bathroom...but I want to hide that fact as much as possible with a fun paint color, some candles and other pretty things you would find in a non-basement bathroom. Pretty much right now, the basement is the last priority...but any ideas welcome!

Well now you have seen my whole house! Gwen brought up that it might be helpful to see some of the furniture we've bought to give people an idea of how to look for that post next! AS long as I get it up before the actual furniture comes!


Gwen A. Forté said...

I heard that light warm colors make your skin look best in the bathroom mirror. I used Zurich white from Sherwin Williams and I'm pretty happy with it:)

House looks great, so excited for you!

Krista said...

I am seriously jealous of that washer and dryer!! Did the sellers leave that?? My mom has one like that and it's really, really nice...

Mary Ann* said...

From experience, I also recommend a warm white or cream for the b-room. I went with this lovely sea foamy green that I cherished, and then realized the next day that it really throws off your makeup appication (I looked like a space alien, waaaay overcompensated with foundation, and then looked like a burnt pumpkin in normal light).

Andrea said...

I LOVE the color of your master bedroom - the blue looks really pretty contrasting with the white.

For the bathroom - I agree with what everyone else has said. I'd go with a cream or even maybe a mauve - but nothing too extreme. You can always get colored towels and a nice curtain to provide accent colors.

The controls on the washer/dryer - those are in English, right? I mean, at least you have THAT on your side. ;)