Friday, November 13, 2009

It's Official- I'm a homeowner!

These past few months have been such a whirlwind.. and yesterday morning at 7:30am I officially signed my life away and became a homeowner... we should get the keys on Wednesday... I feel like everyday until then is going to feel like 5 million hours... but I couldnt be more excited!

I thought this post could be a fun way to show the before pictures of the house and kind of talk about what I want to do in each room...and then we'll see along the way if those things change or not as we get projects finished...Something I was unfortunately not blessed with at birth was the virtue of patience... so while I know I should do room by room slowly...I want to do every room in the next two weeks... any readers out there with a great design sense... advice is happily accepted on this blog :) We'll start off this post with the downstairs and move on to the upstairs in another post...everyone cool with that?

Let's start at the beginning with the picture that anyone that is my friend on facebook or in real life has seen...the outside of the cute! Nothing to do here (for now) except try my darndest to keep those plants alive (another thing I was definitely not blessed with- a green thumb.) However I have managed to keep a basil plant alive for the past month or maybe thats a start...even though the dill plant that shared a pot with the basil left us a long time ago...but anyways..the outside of the house:

The Dining Room:

The Plan: We bought a black dining room table and chairs. My theme for this room is lots of black, white and pops of green... I am planning on painting the insides of the built-ins green and adding lots of white accesories... I am most excited about this room right now bc it's one I have a really clear vision for, and also is, randomly the first room you see when you walk in the I really want it to make a statement.. so far the table and table runner have been purchased...and accessories picked out in my head...waiting till the move to actually make the purchases for those and also pick out and purchase and area rug (can anyone tell me why area rugs are so freaking expensive? ridiculous.) Also I want a chandelier. A really awesome one.

The Office:

The Plan: I loved the way they had this room set we bought the desk/rug off of them and are going to leave it exactly the same!! I I just want a smaller white chair than the one they have and to order some wood blinds to match the rest of the windows and we will be done.... so easy. I love easy.

The Living Room:

The Plan - enormous sectional with a chaise lounge bought! I have been wanting a sectional for as long as I can remember. seriously. look at this room...its BEGGING for a sectional. Look at that curve in the wall... I am beyond excited to have ample seating room for friends to come over to hang out/play games/watch tv...whatever. However...this is the only thing we have so far for this room. Still needed: area rug, tv stand, coffee table, end table, lamp, etc etc... ideas welcome :)

The Parquet Room (as we have not so affectionately named it):

The Plan - I hate parquet. Immensely. It will have to go eventually...but for now I have no idea whats going in this room. I'm thinking two cute little chairs? or maybe a chase right by the window... a little reading nook if you will?

The Kitchen:

The Plan: Not much to be done in here....eventually I definitely want to get stainless appliances and a nicer countertop...but immediate changes will be a pub table instead of the low table...I like to be eye level with my friends while they're drinking wine and I'm cooking for them :) Also, next to the refrigerator hidden behind a giant clock (not pictured) are the wires needed for a wall mounted flatscreen tv...which we are shopping around for now... And So excited to have the room to leave out my pretty stand mixer at all times!!

The Outside:

The Plan: at some point someone ripped out the rest of the driveway to add more landscaping and used the garage as a clubhouse...that will be fun for now...but at some point in the future, I would love to actually be able to park in that one thing on the list is put the rest of the driveway back. Also, the sellers took that swingset with them, so I would love to (also pretty far off into the future) pour a patio with a built in firepit back there...that would be amazing.. Immediate needs are a rake and leaf the back yard right now has about 6 inches of leaves in it. I also am looking forward to a new patio set and a sweet ass grill...

Ok...this post is exhausting me...Promise upstairs and basement pics in the near future!
Any advice greatly appreciated!!


Andrea said...

The house is gorgeous! I can't BELIEVE how much of a back yard you have! And your kitchen is immense! I can't wait to see the "after" pictures once you work your magic in there!! Sooooo exciting!! :)

Gwen A. Forté said...

How many bedrooms? Where is the parquet room in the house?

Also, I highly recommend crate and barrel stuff. You can set up a house warming registry for everything you want to buy, set a date a week in advance, and once the date passes, they send you a 10% off coupon to use to buy anything left on the registry. You don't even have to make the registry public:)

P.S. pictures of the furniture you've bought would be helpful for anyone wanting to give you room ideas.

Jen Lilley said...

Andrea- Thank you!

Gwen- That is a great idea. I will post pics of furniture and also I have a picture of the parquet room from the living room so you can get an idea of where it is..but in words, its right next to the living room...with basically no transition except that the floors go from hardwood to parquet. random.