Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Halloween 2009

I have been one serious blog neglector for the past couple of weeks…but I have excuses! Lots of times I write my blog while eating lunch at my desk at work… I’m not a total loser…I just can’t justify the calories and money that it takes to go out to eat every single day….so lots of times I eat at my desk and do my “personal errands” during my lunch hour….online shopping, blog writing, blog reading, facebooking, etc. Lately these have turned into more, talking to my mortgage lady, talking to my mortgage lady, getting stuff my mortgage lady needs, looking for furniture/paint colors/ a handyman/etc for the new house…and blogging had been on the backburner…but I am back today to catch you up on the latest happenins…

I love lists. They make me feel in control and organized. We close on the new house on November 12 and get the keys on November 20. I have a list (well, lately my lists have become more sophisticated, so this “list” is actually a “spreadsheet”) of what we are going to do every single day between November 12 and November 23. If we stay on task with the list, our move will be a breeze…if we deviate from the list…who knows what could happen! I am excited to get started on the list (a week from this Saturday) because then I will feel like I am doing something besides just sitting and waiting.

Two weeks ago we had a make up dinner at Mesh. I think that will be a separate post. I have pictures and everything…let’s aim for tomorrow on that one! That same weekend I got to tailgate with some of my favorite OU alumni….one of which told me that his triumphant return to Random Ramblings was coming any day now. ( Commence harassing him about this….NOW!) We had an enjoyable morning of flip cup, hanging out…and throwing frisbees at PVC pipes in buckets full of rocks with beer bottles resting on top…. No, seriously.

This past weekend Bernadette and Ben visited and Saturday morning Martin and I brought her to the bridal promised land that is Bridal & Formal. B was a champ…trying on dresses is hard (and exhausting) work. She (we) fell in LOVE with one and she bought it that day!!! Now that is a girl that can make decisions!! Not that I can blame her…it looked absolutely gorgeous on her….can’t wait to see the look on Ben’s face when she walks down the aisle in this dress… lucky for me I will have a front row seat!

After bridal fun we walked a block up the street and had lunch at an old Irish pub that served draft beer, liquor drinks and cheeseburgers and French Fries. It inspired a new business concept for me… don’t you think after wedding dress shopping all morning you want to go somewhere a little classier to eat a nice lunch with your sister/mother/best friend/grandma/whoever… The only place within walking distance to eat was an old,dark irish pub. I’m thinking a cute little tea house with finger sandwiches? …. Anyone want to invest? Bridal Row in Reading is the premier wedding dress destination in the entire Midwest… I think this idea could really go somewhere!

But I digress….. after checking out some bridesmaids dresses and getting slightly overwhelmed…we headed home to get some curlers in B’s hair and start cooking a pre-Halloween dinner. It was delicious and we were officially ready to get into our costumes and head over to Meg’s for Halloween fun… Here are some pics of the evening:

Publishers Clearing House Costume- I WON!!

Johnny making sure there are no spaghetti arms here.

We got these Daisy Duck hats at Disney world at some point in the 80s... Emily found the hat in my parents basement and built a costume around it. LOVE IT!

Party planner with her saweet homemade operation costume :)


Mary Ann* said...

Um, I just had to comment bc I ALSO have that daisy duck hat. I got it when I was about 6 and my brother has the matching donald duck hat! I always got nervous that her eyelashes weren't staying in place.

Jen Lilley said...

YES! I remember not wanting to pack it in the suitcase to come home bc the eyelashes might get messed you should have seen them after being in a box in the basement for 20 years!!..not pretty

Andrea said...

I'm totally with you on a lighter lunch place for the Bridal District!