Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Restaurant Review- Ikea

Let's be honest....a trip to Ikea is a day long activity. It takes a solid 30 minutes to get there...and then once you are there...there is just SO much to see. I don't even bother going unless I have about 2 hours to spare...and that doesn't even include travel time...needless to say, you're gonna get hungry while you're there....so last week we grabbed some lunch from the Ikea Cafe.
It's kind of fun like a cafeteria...where all the cold food is available for you to grab out of the little pockets yourself, and the hot food is served by friendly cafeteria workers. Since we don't eat there often, when we do....we usually get the swedish meatballs....since that's kind of what they are known for... these meatballs used to be served over egg noodles (I think??) but now are served with a side of mashed potatoes... we also got a buffalo chicken wrap and decided to split both. Neither were particularly good. The mashed potatoes were most definitely from a box, the swedish meatballs tasted fine, but werent very warm.....the buffalo wrap was decent though I guess....

Swedish Meatballs

Buffalo Chicken Wrap

The best part about the whole dining experience though is sitting by the window that overlooks the (enormous) parking lot and just watching the happenings. We saw some sassy lady get out of her car and scream at this dude in his mini van with his wife with a broken foot and two small children for "stealing her spot"...it's fun to imagine in your head how the conversations are going down. It's also fun to see what people are coming out with.

All in all this food isn't the most delicious food you will ever eat....but it's decently priced solid nourishment for the next hour of your 2 hour shopping trip.... with a side of anonymous people watching....

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Andrea said...

Good to know that the Ikea food in Cincinnati isn't worth writing home about ... BUT the Ikea food here in Stuttgart = delicious. I got the Swedish meatballs w/ french fries the last time we were there, and loved every bite of it. My biggest issue: there was ONE brownie left and a girl who was 3 people in front of me snagged it! :-P

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