Thursday, October 15, 2009

New Digs

I have been a busy busy girl! Anyone that is my friend in real life (or on facebook) knows that I just BOUGHT A HOUSE! AAAAHHH!!

After what feels like hundreds of houses and months of searching, we finally walked into a house and had that “when you know, you know” feeling. It’s missing a few things we thought we had to have but looked past those things for the gorgeous street, awesome layout and enormous fenced in yard. I walked in and immediately could actually visualize my friends playing cornhole in the backyard at a summer bbq, my family over for Easter Sunday and bumming around on the couch with Rob watching TV on a random Tuesday night. We offered on it the next day. It wasn’t even on the market yet!! (which is why I have no pictures to share with you as of yet, except this one):
Today is our home inspection. I am anxious to make sure that nothing is wrong with house, but even more so, I am thrilled to actually walk through it again (for the second time) and to show my Dad and sister around the new digs. I have every intention of obnoxiously following every step of the home inspector and ask him millions of questions about everything, measure every room and make a meager attempt to sketch them out so that when we look at furniture, we can ACTUALLY look at furniture, write down paint colors and which rooms can stay how they are and which rooms need to be painted immediately. I wish maybe we didn’t end up picking the coldest/gloomiest day of the year we’ve had so far for this fun, but whatever….

If everything goes well, we will be closing on November 12 and getting the keys on November 20… (although rumor has it the old owners have already found and offered on a new house, so hopefully they’ll get out of our house sooner than the 20th!)

I promise pictures soon! Start getting excited for the housewarming party!
As long as you have good friends, good food and maybe a keg or two….who really needs furniture….right??

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Restaurant Review- Ikea

Let's be honest....a trip to Ikea is a day long activity. It takes a solid 30 minutes to get there...and then once you are there...there is just SO much to see. I don't even bother going unless I have about 2 hours to spare...and that doesn't even include travel time...needless to say, you're gonna get hungry while you're last week we grabbed some lunch from the Ikea Cafe.
It's kind of fun like a cafeteria...where all the cold food is available for you to grab out of the little pockets yourself, and the hot food is served by friendly cafeteria workers. Since we don't eat there often, when we do....we usually get the swedish meatballs....since that's kind of what they are known for... these meatballs used to be served over egg noodles (I think??) but now are served with a side of mashed potatoes... we also got a buffalo chicken wrap and decided to split both. Neither were particularly good. The mashed potatoes were most definitely from a box, the swedish meatballs tasted fine, but werent very warm.....the buffalo wrap was decent though I guess....

Swedish Meatballs

Buffalo Chicken Wrap

The best part about the whole dining experience though is sitting by the window that overlooks the (enormous) parking lot and just watching the happenings. We saw some sassy lady get out of her car and scream at this dude in his mini van with his wife with a broken foot and two small children for "stealing her spot"'s fun to imagine in your head how the conversations are going down. It's also fun to see what people are coming out with.

All in all this food isn't the most delicious food you will ever eat....but it's decently priced solid nourishment for the next hour of your 2 hour shopping trip.... with a side of anonymous people watching....

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