Thursday, September 24, 2009

This week's happenings...

Last night's Glee was I was dying laughing during the football players dancing to Beyonce on the football field. Seriously the funniest thing ever. I won't delete any of the Glees off the DVR (much to Rob's dismay, who likes his DVR to be clean at all times) but I like to go back to old episodes and just watch the musical numbers... I also do this with musical movies..and have been known to watch an episode of so you think you can dance 4+ times. Leave me alone. I'm also thrilled that Grey's Anatomy is coming back tonight for it's 2 hour season premier....Will Izzy live??? It was also a good weekend on the ranch for the cast of the biggest loser who got to keep all their players this week. I still love Abby....but Shay's sass is starting to grow on me.

Once a week, Wall, Suzi, Rob and I try to get together at eachother's houses for dinner....which we lovingly call "Taco Tuesday"...sometimes we have tacos, sometimes we don''s rarely on a know.. just a chance to get together during the week, and eat/hang out/catch up, etc. Well we have decided to change TT officially to NRN (New Recipe Night) where you can use the night to experiment with a new recipe and then everyone else can tell you if it's delicious or gross...however we will, of course, have to throw tacos in there every once in a while for old time's sake and because, well let's just be honest, tacos are delicious. Tonight we are having basil and goat cheese stuffed chicken with a white wine mushroom sauce....look for reviews tomorrow!

I started a new quarter this week and am taking "Nutrition for a Healthy Lifestyle" I was really excited to take this class, but now I'm not so sure. I can say with a fair amount of confidence that 3 of the dumbest/most annoying people in America are in that class.... there are also a couple of their runner-ups in this class...but the winners are in there..

First there is a set of twins. They have a comment to make about everything that happens.

Actual conversations in class on Monday:

Discussing Bowel Movements (gross I know):
Teacher: A healthy adult should go to the bathroom at least once every 3 day
Annoying Twin: Once I didn't go for 7 days and I felt fine...

Teacher: If you ever see those commercials for Dawn where the bubbles form around that fat, that is the soap emulsifying the fat.
Annoying Twin: mayonnaise is an emusification of eggs and oil.

you get the picture... then there is the guy who asks questions just so he can talk about himself.

Dude: Can traveling make you irregular?
Teacher: Yes, as it states on the slide, some things that can make you irregular are travel, diet, stress, etc etc etc
Dude: Yes, because I know when I traveled around the whole world when I was in the I traveled here and here and here and here (he was saying names of places, but I was barely listening)... I was irregular all the time.
Teacher: yep

Then one more girl...

Teacher: If there are things you love, you shouldn't give them up completely, you should treat them as "special treats" and eat them in moderation..
Girl: I have eaten at Mcdonalds every day for the past month and when I went to the Dr. this morning I had lost weight.

Anyway... look for more ramblings from the dumbest people in America on Tuesday mornings on Random Ramblings. I am dreading this class so much because I'm not sure I can sit through this again, which sucks because I was really looking forward to taking this class...

If you remember back posts about my knee and the spontaneous bruising that was occuring from small amounts of running at a time.... it kept getting worse, swelling up from walking or standing up for a couple of hours...and one day after a fairly active weekend, making my whole leg numb from the knee down. I finally decided to go to Orthopedic Dr. on Tuesday and he saw some irregularities on the x-ray and really didnt like the sounds of a bleeding knee from such low tomorrow I get to get up early and head over to Proscan for an MRI... then it's back the the doctor on Tuesday to see what the heck is going on. I'm already getting anxious about everything and will be thrilled if he will finally be able to do something about we'll see!...

Ok. that's enough rambling for today!

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disabelladesign said...

please post more comments from mcdonalds girl. haha!

good luck with your knee :)