Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Biggest Loser- Season 8 Premier!

I read in my Entertainment Weekly Magazine that Season 8's Biggest Loser contestants were going to be bigger and have bigger issues than any other season's. This annoyed me. I hate when Jillian tries to act like a therapist and I usually fast forward through all the crying.

Last night's first episode had me in a teary mess. One of the contestants (who I promptly decided was my favorite) is named Abby and lost her whole family (husband, 5 and half year old daughter and 2 week old son) in a car accident. She believes she wasn't in that car for a reason and that she is meant to make a difference with her life, but first she needs to get healthy and strong to do can you not love her already?

Abby said, after seeing her starting weight of 247 pounds: "It surprises me, but it doesn't define me. I choose to get out of bed every day, and now I choose to be here. And I'm going to be better." Seriously...what a fighter. I can't wait to root her on this season.

Anyway...the end of summer is always a little sad....but then your favorite TV shows start up again and you kind of forget about being sad.... Glee tonight!! Can't wait! I'm such a Gleek.


Mary Ann* said...

I was bawling every time Abby spoke. Hands down my favorite (though Shay is my early pick as winner). I hated that they let Daniel come back, but my number one hate right now is Tracy. Homegirl is slurping Jello and ice cream in her hospital bed and refusing to go to the ranch.
I think Jillian has totally changed. She was wearing way more makeup in the gym, her hair was extra curled, and she has reeeeeally increased her dropping of the f bomb (I'm still obsessed with her).

Lindsey said...

I love both BL and Glee. I was sobbing like a baby during Biggest Loser. I usually ff through the Jillian therapy sessions, and am sure I will be doing plenty of that with Shay and her big ol'bag of issues. I love Abby, such a horrible story. I thought the F-ers used was waaay out of control. I guess kids probably aren't interested in watching people lose weight, because this is definitely NOT a family show!
p.s. LOVE angry Bob, ooo-er!

Just Me said...

We really like Glee. I have three teenage boys and they sit there right along with me. My oldest said one day - I have to stop watching these chick flicks. I think it is so cute!