Wednesday, August 12, 2009

jimmy, rooftop party, baby shower and a diet re-commitment...whew

Well I had a fun and totally exhausting weekend….
Let’s recap.

Thursday I worked from home in the morning and took the afternoon off to pack up the blow up tropical animals, leighs, cheeseburgers, beer and various other Jimmy Buffet Tailgating accessories and headed out the door. We got there with just enough time to get a spot in the lot (these parrotheads are SERIOUS about their tailgating) and to park like assholes so that we could save a spot for our friend who was coming late, and have extra room for our flipcup table and grill…duh.

We spent the afternoon hanging out together, making new friends, letting old men with mullets put parrot tattoos on our chests, challenging random strangers to flipcup, eating cheeseburgers and just walking around to witness and take part in the general Jimmy Buffet debauchery.

Friday I was off work again and tried to sleep in a little before going over to help cook and get things ready for 080809, aka Krista’s Rooftop Birthday Bash. Unfortunately I didn’t get many pictures…and none until it was dark (so I missed the awesome views of downtown)…but it was on a rooftop with bartenders, a ridiculous spread of delicious food (cant believe I didn’t get a pic of all our hard work!), cocktails and lots of friends all dressed up to celebrate.

Saturday, Martin and I packed up the car to head up to Cleveland for Grzybowski’s baby shower! As expected it was a long trip after those past two days of fun….but it was very fun to have all the OU ladies together. We snacked on baby shower food, watched Grz open some gifts and then stayed for a bonfire later that evening…to be able to spend more time together. It was a relaxing and fun night.

Sunday it was time to pack the car back up and head home. I’m so glad that it was Martin’s turn to drive because I was lagging at that point. When I got home I made Rob pick up Boston Market because I was STarVIng and gobbled it up. I then promptly decided that the renewal of the diet started tomorrow (which was Monday).

I’m going to post some of my food/exercise on the blog to try to stay motivated.
I went back to the gym last night for the first time in two weeks and my body is happy/angry all at the same time today. I strapped on my trusty heart rate monitor and burned 600 calories last night, which made me happy.

Then I went home and made this delicious (and super healthy) version of Chicken Piccata for dinner for Rob and I. mmmmmm. I want to eat this again for lunch. It was seriously delicious. Lemony, salty...just plan tasty...


jenn martin said...

fun weekend driving in the car with you! dont ever ask me to fix your computer.

Andrea said...

you wanna send me that recipe for chicken yumminess?! just looking at it made my stomach growl!

Jen Lilley said...

Andrea- You've got mail! and I'm anxiously awaiting Paris updates!!