Monday, August 17, 2009

Dog Park Fun

Friday night we spent the evening at the Dog Park Happy Hour. It was really fun! Rob and I got in line for a drink, thinking we would slowly have to take Maggie over to the water and show it to her and encourage her to get in, bu isntead, while we were in line I turned around and she was gone. I looked and saw her splashing around in the water, halfway across the park! So funny! She spend 3 hours splashing in the water, chasing tennis balls and just exploring the park... it was a big night for that mutt... and it was really fun to watch her!
I'm already recruiting dog loving friends for the next "Unleashed" happy hour :)

Here are some highlights from the night!
Maggie found tennis balls in the water (about a million times)

and brought them back for Rob to throw (about a million times.. haha)

and ran around to dry off in the grass

and got her pic in the news :)


Andrea said...

Looks like you guys had fun!! And now you've got a little dog-lebrity (that word didn't work out as well as I'd planned). :-P

disabelladesign said...

marley is sooo jealous! (and me too!)

Krista said...

I know you're always getting yourself onto, but now your dog got her pic on there too?!? I love it and Odie is jealous!