Thursday, August 27, 2009

1.5 Bathrooms?

So I have been househunting. I want to use the $8000 credit and I think I'm ready for a house. I want a deck and a yard and a dining room...and a pretty kitchen to host get togethers with my friends and family. Househunting has been a lot of fun and also a lot of stress and annoyance...mixed in with a little heartbreak (more on that in a different post..maybe).

We have decided one thing for has to have at least 1.5 bathrooms...obviously I would prefer 2, but we have decided to stop even looking at houses that only have 1. This has been one of the biggest annoyances of house hunting. DONT tell me your place has 1.5 bathrooms if one of them looks like this:
NOT a half bathroom

We saw this in more than one house...washer, dryer, toilet...just all sitting there in a row in the unfinished basement out in the open....that is what they are considering the half bath. It feels like false advertising and now I'm just not going to buy your stupid house purely out of spite...well that and I never want to have to say to people, "oh, the upstairs bathroom is in use?...just go downstairs and use the toilet in the basement, it's right next to the dryer..."


Emily Malone said...

OMG, you are obviously looking in Hyde Park/Oakley then. Get ready Jen, listed or not, EVERY SINGLE house in that area has the weird basement toilet. I totally agree it should not be listed though, sooo misleading. Now that we have rented houses, I can never go back to an apartment. Something about your own space and your own YARD feels very grown up and private:) GOOD LUCK!

Meg said...

oh yes, the .1 toilet! You COULD do some reno to get the second bathroom...

I had my realtor do searches for me on the MLS that i couldn't, where he searched for 1.5 bathrooms - but the .5 bath had to be on the main floor (obviously we still checked out all 2 bath houses and that's how i ended up with mine).

Tiffany said...

Sometimes, if you're lucky, there's also a random shower in the middle of the basement! I guess you can just make the WHOLE basement a bathroom!