Friday, July 10, 2009

Impromptu Engagement Party!

My good friends Bernadette and Ben (as mentioned in an earlier post) got engaged the weekend we were on vacation....and last weekend they came to visit us! We only got confirmation that they were definitely coming a couple of days beforehand, but of course I had to do what I could to whip up a fun little impromptu engagement party!!! This party involved some awesome (and slightly tacky) dollar store wedding decorations, the most delicious champagne punch I've ever had, a yummy dinner, some outdoor drinking game fun and of course a delicious dessert!

First off, my sister found this recipe for champagne punch which specifically listed in the description that it was "not too sweet" which she knew I would appreciate...some of these punches have all these juices in them and then a half a cup of sugar on top of that. ok gross. This one was the perfect combination of bubbly, sweet and tart...and was just plain delicious.

Rob set this pretty table while I whipped up some coq au vin, parmesan asparagus and garlic mashed potatoes in the kitchen....
After eating and multiple cheers to the happy couple, we invited some more people over and moved the party outside for some more fun.....and towards the end of the night moved it back in to cheers again and have some more champagne and these fun (and delicious) cupcakes topped with ganache and chocolate covered strawberries!!! SO yummmmmy! Next time I will try to find strawberries that haven't been taking steroids as these monsters took up the entire surface space of the cupcake...but they were still seriously delicious. Also, after using ganache to top cupcakes... I will never go back to icing ever again. mmmmm

Bernadette and Ben, I was excited to be a part of the first of many celebrations of your engagement, wedding and marriage! I love you guys!!!!

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