Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Delicious Class Project

We are currently working on a group project in class where we have to make three variations of a dish...and write and do a presentation about the differences in each one. We also have to include things like what it smells and looks like during the different stages of preparation...what is going on (scientifically) to the food during each phase, etc etc.

Our group chose chicken parmigiana and our three variations are:
  • A super healthy variety with grilled chicken, whole wheat pasta and lower fat cheeses.
  • A version using ground chicken almost like chicken parmigiana meatballs
  • And a 100% traditional version.
I got assigned the traditional and was excited to search various recipes to find something that was totally traditional, but also maybe a little more interesting... I decided on a Tyler Florence recipe, invited Wall and Suzi over and started cookin.
Since we were having people over...I decided to also use this as an opportunity to try a recipe for tomato and goat cheese tarts that my director at work had given me from the Back to Basics Ina book. Puff Pastry is such a fun and delicious thing to play around with. You can really put almost anything on them and they will turn out delicious.They included carmelized onions and garlic, goat cheese, tomatoes and basil.....I mean with those ingredients..could anything really be bad?? The onions cook for so long that they are almost sweet and completely carmelized... I could have probably just snacked on those right out of the pan...but I digress...

Next came the star of the show, the chicken parmigiana... I loved the olives in the chunky homemade tomato sauce....although next time I make this recipe I will probably not drain the whole tomatoes as the recipe calls for, to try and give the sauce more of a sauce consistency....rather than almost a salsa consistency...but I thought the flavors were great and the chicken was cooked perfectly....topped with fresh mozzarella and served with a simple caesar salad....yum!

For an impromptu dessert we had chocolate marshmallow bananas. Unfortunately everyone (including me) scarfed theirs down before I remembered to take a picture of it...but they are so yummy and fun to make. I cut a slit off the side of the banana and gave everyone theirs along with chocolate chips, marshmallows and cinnamon and they stuffed in whatever they wanted, then covered it back up with the peel I cut off. Then I popped it in the oven until the banana was soft and the chocolate and marshmallows were melty....( I usually do this on the grill, but we were inside, so it went in the oven instead)...its so yummy. The banana is warm and soft...and who doesnt love melty chocolate and marshmallow...yum!


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