Thursday, June 11, 2009

Vacation Countdown!

I have been meaning to recap last weekend's fun (especially the Cincinnati Views and Vines tour that we went to on Friday night, SO fun) But it's hard for me to think about much else when Vacation is now officially on a single digit countdown... 9 days!!! I have reached new levels of stalking with this vacation. I have read every review (from every site that might possibly allow a review), seen every picture (including random people's vacations pictures that I've happened to find-creepy), and done research on every aspect of this trip. I'm really not even sure why really to be honest....but if this resort was a might take out a restraining order against me. just sayin.....

And the lists...oh man. I love lists...for every aspect of my life...but especially for trips. I make them over and over again and the joy I feel from crossing items off the list, is a feeling no non-list event could bring. You can imagine my delight when I got to cross off multiple things off my vacation list on Tuesday. We did a little shopping and I got a new dress, new skirt, some new tank tops, sunscreen (Rob swears by Coppertone Sport for some reason, so I just go along with it), a floatie, and some indestructible insulated mugs (needed this year due to a shattering on jumping in the pool impact incident last year...)
In 9 days, this will be me:

only at this resort:

And holding this cup...

well I need to get back to my stalking.


Emily Malone said...

I wanted to send you an email but didnt have your address, and I can't do facebook here at work - SO, here is my super long comment. I havent been to THIS resort, but I've been to the Dreams in Cancun, and the Secrets Capri Riviera in Playa Del Carmen twice (same company). Seriously, it is AWESOME.

Most important - here is the scoop on the food. I checked out your resort (psycho) and it has a few of the same restaurants that the two I've been to had. Portofino is a MUST - seriously, some of the least healthy and most delicous food I've ever had. Before your meal, this guy wheels around this GIGANTIC block of parmesan - I'm talking like 100lbs of cheese wheeled on a cart. He brings it to the table and just grates it fresh onto plates, and then you get all sorts of gooey breads and oils and things. Oceana is also very good, but portions tend to be small, so since it's free definitely order appetizer, salad, soup, entree (I even ordered TWO entrees once - what, why cant I?).

The drinks are all really good and top shelf. There are usually yummy appetizers served for free in the lobbies around like 4pm if you havent already eaten a million other things (which we always did).

Last thing - this is weird. Seriously, this resort has the BEST SUNTAN LOTION EVER. Like if you dont like it, I will seriously buy it off you if yuo bring it home. Last time I hid my bottle every day so the maids would give us more, and I have a stash of it at home. Obsessed.

OOhhhhh I am so jealous. Can't wait to read your reviews!

- EM:)

Jen Lilley said...

sigh.... you had me at 100lb block of cheese.... haha. Thank you for the confidence... some of these reviews say the food is awesome and some say it's not awesome, so its nice to hear from someone who's actually been.

I will definitely remember to hoard as much suntan lotion as possible. ps- dont talk to me about jealous. your cruise (and tan) looked ahhmazing.

jenn said...

we have those mugs!!! we bought them for jamaica. they were the best $14 we ever spent.
the bartenders eventually stopped asking "you want me to fill this whole thing up with a mojito?? are you sure??"
umm yes!