Friday, June 19, 2009

Restaurant Review- Dusmesh

I couldn't leave for vacation (TOMORROW!!) without reviewing the restaurant we went to for dinner last night. Even though I still have a couple restaurants waiting to be reviewed...this one is getting moved up. It was

It is located in Clifton down by Cincinnati State. I pass it a couple of times a week and have always wanted to try it, but then when I found out it was a BYOB, I was even more intrigued. Rob and I decided to go last night and I'm not gonna lie, I could go back there and eat again tonight. We grabbed a bottle of wine from the Ludlow wine shop (savignon blanc to be exact- goes great with spicy food) and headed to the restaurant. Right off the bat, the service was great. I have the tendency to be a very inquisitive eater... I ask millions of questions.. I'm curious about food and like to know what the waiter/waitresses' favorite thing on the menu is and why....and how was this cooked, etc. She happily answered our ten million questions.

First we ordered a mixed appetizer was lots of things that were fried, which I didnt really realize in advance, and for that reason probably wouldnt order again, but what made it delicious was the sauce medley that came with it... spicy onions, a mix of mint and parsley and some kind of sweet deliciousness... Anything dipped in those sauces would have been next time I would probably order something healthier to dip into the deliciousness.

For dinner I ordered the lamb saag ( It was spicy and delicious, the lamb was tender and fell apart when you poked it with the fork. It was the best lamb saag I've ever had. period. Rob ordered Chicken Tikka made in a tandori oven, which was also delcious...and apparantly much more healthy since it doesnt have any cream in it. His dish was probably enough food to feed a family of three and he brought a ton of leftovers home (never a bad thing)...He absolutely loved this dish and said he would probably get it again next time we came. We also split one garlic naan which was huge and garlicy..just the way I like it.

When we were done with our meal they gave us one more little round sweet fried thing, that was soaking in a sweet sauce...kind of like an Indian donut of sorts.. I'm not a sweets eater, so I had one bite and gave there rest to Rob and he happily finished it off. I always think its nice when restaurants give you a last little sweet bite at the end of your meal.

I apologize for no pictures on this post, but i didnt really think about it at the time. But do yourself a favor and eat at this will thank me later.
oh, and bring me your leftovers (if you have any).....

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Lindsey said...

I googled this place because Em is home this weekend and we are having dinner there tonight. And imagine my DELIGHT at seeing your post #1 on Urban Spoon. Thanks for a great review, cannot wait to try the naan for myself!

Jen Lilley said...

you will loooove it! The waitresses are So nice and the food is seriously delicious. Lots of yummy vegeterian options for Em too.... Have fun!

Lindsey said...

we did LOVE it!
you were not lying about the sauce trio, yum yum yum.
we all got something different and everyone was really happy with their food. cannot wait to go back!