Friday, June 5, 2009

questionable lyrics..

I've been lucky enough to hear this gem of a song lately on the radio..
Not sure if I should chuckle at the stupidity or be Massively offended...

Shush girl,
shut your lips
Do the helen keller
And talk with your hips

Thoughts? Anyone?

Would Helen Keller rock out to this song (assuming she wasn't deaf) or would she file some sort of suit against "3oh!3"?


Bates said...

Assuming she wasn't blind and deaf, would there be any relevance to the song or suit against "3oh!3?

Tracy said...

We had this discussion on Friday. I think its pretty offensive, and really, doesnt even make sense.

Mary Ann* said...

I don't know about offensive, but the boys of 3oh!3 are lyrical geniuses. My favorite? "Tell your boyfriend/if he says he's got beef/ that I'm a vegetarian/ and I ain't[effing] scared of him". Brilliant!

Andrea said...

I'm not gonna lie to you - I love this song. And the first time I heard these lyrics was on my way to work one morning (pre-coffee)...I'm pretty sure I texted 4 people and almost ran off the road laughing. Offensive? Maybe ... but something to be offended by? Nah. :)