Friday, June 5, 2009

California Updates Part 2

I have been MIA. I know this. I have been packing, moving, unpacking, working, schooling, kickballing, dog walking and (unsuccessfully) sleeping.

I know some of you are really interested in California Part 2, but's been like 3 weeks and it doesn't seem all that relevant anymore, so let's wrap it up quickly.

We spent our next day in California visiting beautiful San Francisco...where we apparantly got the most beautiful day ever. It was warm, we walked along Crissy Field, watched kids and dogs playing in the ocean, sat and chatted while seeing the Ocean straight ahead, the Golden Gate Bridge to our right and Alcatraz to our left and bought some ice cream on a stick from a street vendor. (yum) here are a few pictures:

After that we headed to a little town right outside of the city (the name escapes me)- but I can only describe it as the Mt. Adams of San Francisco (if Downtown Cincinnati was bigger, more beautiful and was on a body of water a little fancier than the Ohio River) but you get the was right outside of the city, with gorgeous views of the city.. just a quaint little town with little restaurants, shops and bars. We had a (very) late lunch/early dinner at this cute! and yummy. I had these ridiculously delicious short ribs with homemade barbeque sauce (not pictured) that I'm pretty sure the rest of the table was food envious of.

Cute Lunch Spot

The last day we were there, Rob and I drove around town a little in his parents car (while pretty sure all the native Californians were making fun of us behind our backs for driving around with the top down on a 100+ degree day), had lunch outside at a cute little brunch place and then had some late afternoon drinks and snacks at his parents house...All and all it was a great trip!

Time for lunch (teak back patio anyone?)-

Look for more updates this afternoon...(and this time I think I really mean it!)

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