Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Rob and I checked out a new place on Friday called Nuvo. We had mixed feelings on it. I wanted to LOVE LOVE LOVE it. The menu changes often depending on the local ingredients they can get (love), the place is small and modern (love), the owner was there and was very nice and informative along with our waitress (love). So first impressions were great.

For an appetizer I saw on the menu: Chorizo & Hedge Hog Mushroom Cupcakes with Red Pepper Goat Cheese Mousse. I had to have this. Check out how cute they were…they even came in a little cupcake wrapper. I was in love at first sight. I thought they were tasty. Rob thought they were just ok. While I agree with him that I didn’t get a ton of the chorizo or mushroom taste in the cake part of the cupcake… I didn’t care because the deliciousness that was the red pepper goat cheese mousse more than made up for it. The festive blue is apparently some salt that is only available in some random country and is sold by the ounce. They put it on savory dishes and dessert. I was a fan of both its taste and its flair.

For our entrée I had: Roasted Poultry, garbanzo beans, tomato, spiced corn and herbed feta. I loved the idea of it and thought all the flavors went together deliciously. The only thing was the chicken was a tiny bit too dry and that’s just me being picky. Otherwise the skin was crispy, the plate was pretty and I thought it was pretty tasty.

Rob had: seared scallops, green tea noodles, miso honey and carmelized lemon grass. I didn’t have any of his except for a piece of one of his scallops which was delicious. ( I am not a seafood eater…at all…except sushi which I love…which I realize is weird….and apparently scallops….and sometimes shrimp if it has a lot of other flavors on it….I digress) Rob thoroughly enjoyed his entrée.
Now for dessert. I am not a dessert lover. Sugar gives me headaches and I would ALWAYs rather have more dinner than almost any dessert. But since we offered to move our table at the beginning of the meal to accommodate another customer, the owner told us our dessert was on him…so we took him up on it.

We both ordered coffee with our dessert which came in a little French press and was tasty. I got some kind of chocolate tort with a dr pepper reduction on it that was sprinkled with some of that tasty blue salt. Rob got some kind of angel food cake shell with blueberries and pineapple (can you tell how much of a non dessert person I am with these terrible descriptions)- Rob was not a fan of his dessert or mine… I didn’t love his but thought mine was ok. It was little, dense, chocolatey and had ice cream and salt on top. As far as desserts go… I can’t really argue with that! (started eating before remembering to snap the pic. whoops!)

All in all we thought this restaurant was yummy and would go back again to try some of the other things on the menu. Our total (before tip) was $90 and that included a (delicious) bottle of malbec. However we also had a $25 gift certificate (that we paid $2 for) so that took the bill down to $65 before tip. Not bad!

Stop by soon for the recap of Saturday’s derby party!

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