Friday, May 8, 2009

Long awaited weekend update

Last weekend, Krista had a derby day/pre-cinco de mayo cookout that involved gambling on real horses, plastic horses, a pinata, cookout food, cornhole, flipcup and boom. I mean, seriously, what more could a good party really ask for?

A couple of weeks ago we tagged along with our new-hire friends Taylor and Claire as their +1s on the P&G new hire Keeneland trip:

While there, we ran into my friend Angie from work who was playing this game in the parking lot.... pre-gaming for keeneland while pre-gambling on horses... ok! we were in...

We had so much fun that for the derby party we asked how much one of those cute little wooden horse games were..... $75!! What?! Krista got creative, and this, my friends was the result.

Now the game has some tweaking to be done....for example if you bump the board even a little you are guaranteed to knock every single one of these horses down...but once that situation is remedied...this will be the most economical horse game ever....oh and I already have the picture for the cover of the box when the non $75 version goes to market!!:

Carrie also brought a festive pinata full of candy, little bottles of liquor and some noisemakers (Krista's neighbors LOVE us)

There was also some gambling on the actual derby...and as usual I won nothing:

The night ended with drinking games and a floating keg.. well, it pretty much ended like this:
Tonight I am venturing, along with Rob, Emily and Derrek to Emanu, an Ethiopian restaurant.

Look for reviews next week!

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