Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Leavin on a jet plane.....

Rob and I are headed out (early) tomorrow morning to California!!
We will be spending a few days in Napa and San Francisco!!!....and I'm sure this will lead to many delicious ramblings!!

Not promising any blogging updates while I'm gone, but this is the first restaurant we will be visiting.....

Talk to everyone on Tuesday!


Tracy said...

It looks like a castle! I am going to san fran in Aug! Have fun!

Lindsey said...

is this in sf by the golden gate?
i think i have been there! though maybe it was another similar restaurant with a stunning view of the ocean breaking.
enjoy your trip and be sure to pack for cold (SF) and hot (Napa).
if you make it to Hall's Winery have a glass of rose for me!!!!