Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Emanu- An East African Restaurant

Friday night Rob, Emily, Derrek and I visited Emanu...an Ethiopian restaurant.

I was very excited to try something completely different...and also bc it was a byo! (LOVE)

Here are some photos of us and our dining companions:

Lucky for us, we ran into an old fraternity brother of Rob's and his wife when we first walked in. They are frequent eaters at this establishment and could give us some helpful ordering tips on what they usually get, how much to get, etc etc. This info was especially helpful since the wait staff didn't speak the best english. (more authentic!)

We ended up ordering 3 meat entrees and 1 veggie entree, all served family style. We ordered a lamb dish, a beef dish, a chicken dish and a veggie dish.

The top of the menu read: Dining in Ethipia is a multi-sensory experience. Characterized by the ceremonial breaking of "injera" and sharing food on a common plate. Eating together signifies the bonds of friendship and loyalty. So basically the meat/vegetables all came on one big plate...with another plate of "injera" that you rip into small pieces and use to pick up the food with instead of silverware.

The food was yummy. The lamb was tender, the beef was spicy, and it was really fun to go somewhere so different than what I am used to. I can't wait to go back to try some other things there. Everyone at the table liked the lamb dish the best except for Derrek who preferred the carrots and peppers on the veggie dish. It was also very inexpensive...especially since you could bring in your own drinks...

Another note: reservations are good to have on weekends, and the food can take kind of a while, so if you're starving when you get there, ordering an appetizer might be a good idea. This picture can be a representation about how we felt about the food:

After gobbling up all that deliciousness, we decided to order coffee/dessert. Apparantly dessert is not something usually served at Ethiopian meals, but since they want to feature their tasty coffee on the menu, they need a few sweet treats to order with it. Since none of us at the table are huge dessert eaters (sans Rob), we ordered one piece of cheesecake and all nibbled at it. The menu described the cheesecake as: a creamy combo of goat cheese, marscapone, cream cheese and honey. yummmm. The goat cheese made it tangy, the honey made it sweet. It was the perfect compliment to our tiny cups of coffee.

Overall I would definitely visit this place again. It's different, inexpensive and just a really fun way to spend a Friday night.

Good work Emanu!

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Emily Malone said...

I am so excited that you ate here and posted a review! Casey and I drove by the other day and we're really excited to try it - even more so now that it has your seal of approval.

I'll let you know what we think!