Friday, April 3, 2009

Updates Updates! read all about 'em!

So sorry again that I have been a major blogger slacker as of late… here I am with all the recent life updates!

Running was getting really iffy there for a while. Once I hit week 3 the pain in my knee started becoming unbearable and every time I was done running my whole knee would turn completely black and blue and swell up like a balloon. I didn’t think this sounded normal so I googled and sure enough…it’s from the pronation and most likely the whole issue with my leg being fully casted when I was younger, etc. So for the past week or two I have been walking. Walking hills and walking fast…but walking nonetheless.

I also consulted my talented (and pretty) friend Stephanie who is a physical therapist who was nice enough to fully explain exactly what was going on to me, sneak me into the hospital after hours to make me some fancy new inserts for my shoes and tell me exactly what stretches I should be doing to help. Today will be my first day running with the new inserts and while she has assured me I will hate them for a minimum of 3 weeks, I am very excited about them! Thanks again Stephanie!!

Culinary School:
I have successfully completed my first term of culinary school! With an A nonetheless! toot! (that was me tooting my own horn).. while it was a lot more involved than I thought it would be, it was really fun and I’m super excited to start my next term (soups, sauces and stocks)..while it would probably make more sense to take a soup class in the winter….this is the next class in the series and I love bring it on!

New Drinking Games Discovery
This had to be added because last weekend was filled with birthday parties! At Suzi’s superfun “I’m on a boat” themed birthday party I learned a new drinking game. It was called Boom. Now everyone knows me and my adoring feelings towards flipcup…but I have to say…this game ties it, if not beats it. If you have any summer party plans with me this summer…get excited to learn the best new game ever…ps bobcat alums…apparently this is the hot new game for the youngins at OU. We always were on the cutting edge of fun….

This weekend
Tonight I am going to bed at 9pm in anticipation for tomorrow when we will sundress it up to board a school bus at 8am for a fun-filled day at Keeneland with the P&G F&A new hires…while I am neither a new hire or in f&a….Taylor and Claire have been kind enough to ask Krista and I to be their plus 1s. This bus will involve mimosas and loud music on the bus at 8am… a couple hours of tailgating and lunch in the parking lot (including Boom!..if we have anything to say about it) then free admission, programs, drink tickets, etc…followed by betting on horses and then heading back to Cincy around 6. After that my good friend Ryan Kane is having a party bus for his birthday that the four of us will be on and ready to ring in his 29th year in style…. It will be a seriously fun (and exhausting) but FUN day….can’t wait ladies!


Tracy said...

way to leave me hangin with how you play "boom" maybe ill just have to drive down to OU, meet some new friends and find out myself!

Bina Roy said...

I didn't know you're going to culinary school. That's so awesome. Is it for fun or do you want to work in a kitchen?