Tuesday, April 28, 2009

thank you (also) for being a friend

Many of you may remember one of my first blog posts dedicated to the life of Estelle Getty who was taken from us last year. This week we mourn another Golden Girl, Bea Arthur.

Dorothy was always secretly my favorite golden girl. She was smart (a teacher), quick witted (always with a witty way of calling Blanche a whore or Rose a Moron), and a great daughter (let crazy old Sophia live with her and her bffs even though she always embarrassed poor Dorothy)..and let's not forget her exhusband Stan....oh, that crazy Stan!

About a month ago, to my delight (and Rob's dismay) I have found re-found some channels that play golden girls at different times of the day...so I can start catching up again. (after literally seeing every single episode in college 10x... I had to go on gg hiatus for a while... but now it's like they're new again!)

Bea (Dorothy)... I know you will be happy living in your Florida house with the ridiculous amount of wicker furniture in the sky.... thank you for being a friend....

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Tracy said...

I was waiting for a post about the golden girls!