Monday, April 13, 2009

A delicious Easter Weekend

I had a fabulous Easter weekend that was kicked off with a Thursday night Happy Hour at Hyde Park Tavern with friends outside on their huge patio…after a while it was a little too cold for outside and we had to move in, but it was nice to sit outside and have a cocktail. Friday I was off work and had big plans of nothing all day long. I made lunch (leftover tacos from Taco Tuesday- that was celebrated on Wednesday this week) and watched some ridiculous random movies on basic cable. Glorious. Friday night we went to our favorite Friday night event…the Whole Foods 5 for 5.. and came back and made some delicious “chicken with 40 cloves of garlic” mmmm

Saturday I had brunch with a bff from out of town, and then we ran some errands around town that included a last minute stop at Meijer to pick up something really quick. Well grocery stores + me never equal quick and I always want to browse the meat/vegetables and see what looks fresh and what’s on sale. We found a little rack of lamb that I had to have and our sushi plans for that night quickly turned into Rack of Lamb at home..with a bottle of wine and a movie. Perfect night.

We also whipped up these cutie cupcakes to bring to my family’s Easter..

Along with this seriously delicious pasta salad: “pasta, pesto and peas”- it also has parmesan and pine nuts, but those were apparently not important p’s enough to be mentioned in the name.

Easter consisted of church, the Chinese Buffet (longstanding tradition on my mom’s side of the family…random I know) and then a cookout at my Dad’s sister’s house. Which included an Easter Egg Hunt in which the small children “hid” the Easter Eggs and the adults had to look for them. I pretty much felt like I was just cleaning up the yard as they were just dumped everywhere. Then they followed us around in their power wheels so we could put the eggs in the trunk. (Man- I wanted a power wheels SO BAD when I was their age) Rob was picking up some eggs out of a bush when I made my getaway and left him out there to finish the muddy Easter egg hunt on his own.. (sorry rob…)

Today I start term 2 of school: Stocks, Sauces and Soups.. wish me luck!

Also on another completely separate note: Cincinnati Folks.. recommend or recommend against your gym. I am looking for a good arrangement of times of classes (ie- 6am but also later at night), a swimming pool and also I refuse to sign a gym contract (ever again) I am going to call the Bellevue Urban Active this afternoon to see what I can find out…I’ve heard that it is possible to put the Urban Actives against each other as a bargaining technique to get the best deal…which I don’t really have time for..but am willing to do if needed. Thanks!


Emily Malone said...

Love the cupcakes. SO CUTE.

Okay onto the gym memberships. I am a member at Urban Active, and since I belong to Hyde Park (which I think is the MOST expensive) I can go to any of them. Bellevue is the best BY FAR. We live within a half-mile walk to Hyde Park, and still choose to drive to Bellevue three times a week. Newer machines, running track, pool (which I have never used, so can't really comment on), and just better equipment in general. Hyde Park was the first one, and is totally over-crowded, and by now all the machines are old and half are broken.

I've done 6am spinning at both, and both are fine. Bellevue also has good yoga classes and other options. No contract signing anymore, and I think there is a bonus if you sign up as a couple (if Rob is interested!).

Maybe we will be gym buddies? The running track is KEY for keeping to your schedule on bad weather days. Hope that helps!


J.R. Johansson said...

Okay so seriously... every time I come over here it makes me hungry. You and your culinary skills. :P

I think I need to make that pasta salad... it looks delicious.

Krista :) said...

Freakin cute cupcakes! I love Peeps!!! :)