Thursday, March 12, 2009

Spring, where did you go?

With the beautiful weather, it was hard not to be out and about over the past week or so, so Rob and I have gotten in all our week 1 runs and are going to do it one more time for good measure tonight, then it's on to week 2! I still kind of hate it, but I feel stronger everytime we do it and not to mention pretty proud of myself for doing something I wasn't sure I could do. Also- since we've started people have come out of the woodwork saying how they went from never running to running all the time on this program...including Lindsey and Emily who added a marathon or two to their resumes so far. While a marathon is not in my future, it's still inspiring to know that they started in the same place I am now.

I also wanted to wish a belated birthday blog wish to another dedicated reader of RR, my good friend Tracy who entered the wonderful world of 28 yesterday...Tracy, I wanted to put the picture up of us celebrating your 21st birthday during Finals week our junior year, by getting one drink in our pajamas after studying all night.. but apparantly it's not "scanned." Our kids are gonna think we're sooo old. "In my day when we took pictures we had to take "film" to a store, wait two days and then the pictures came back on paper!...if we wanted to look at it on the computer we had to use something called a "scanner!"..anyway. Happy Birthday Tracyhead! I couldn't love you anymore if I tried...and hopefully we can get together soon!

Tomorrow night I am making dinner for a birthday dinner party for my sister at her apartment. I have a recipe for macaroni and cheese that will make you gain 10lbs just by reading it...and she's requested that we double it... Hey, you only turn 25 once!

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Anonymous said...

awww thanks for the shoutout on your blog! too bad the 21 year old picture wasnt scanned! happy bday to emily too!