Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I still hate running.

Well Day 2 of week 2 came and went yesterday for the c25k program...and one thing is for certain......I still hate running. I didn't expect to love it after only a week or half or anything like that, but I guess I thought some of my extreme hatred would go such luck... yet. (encouraging comments on this topic....please!)
Rob and I went to the running spot on Sunday to get out of the old, random shoes we'd been wearing and see what the fine shoe experts there had to say. He asked me to stand up and walk a couple of steps ahead of him and then said, "uh oh" I heard a lot of negative things about my legs.... severe pronation, bad ankles, "special" shoes... whomp whomp. He gave me some new shiny purple shoes that are supposed to correct my pronation and in my head make all my painful problems go away....but I've run in them twice and each time was worse than the other. I'm really trying to be positive, but I'm starting to think running is not the thing for me.

I was telling my parents about what the shoe guy said, and my mom decided to throw in that, come to think of it, you had to wear orthopedic shoes for a long time when you was a toddler to "correct something that was wrong with your ankles". She said "all the other kids had these cute little pink nikes on and you had on these big white nurse looking orthopedic shoes that you had to wear" (as she laughed hysterically). Thanks Mom, I'm glad that after all these years of me complaining finally decide to tell me this now! But I digress....I'm going to keep at it for a while longer and hope I hate it less... go running!
On the upside, there were some fun things that happened on our run yesterday.

1. It was a gorgeous day to be outside doing ANything... even running. ( I guess)

2. Maggie saw a duck in the fountain at Eden Park and without even thinking about the fact that the fountain is filled with water, just JUMPED over the wall into the fountain and then immediately turned back around and looked at me like wtf just happened!!...while I pulled her out of the water.

3. I saw a couple getting engaged by the fountain. This weather brings out the love in everyone!

After the run, shower and healthy dinner...we met up with some friends for a few green beers and some Irish fun.. Hope everyone had a great St Patrick's Day!


disabelladesign said...

aw what a cute couple - great pic!

keep up the running jen, im sure you'll be loving it the more you get into it. running mt adams was so nice - i miss that so much!! (so does marley)

Emily Malone said...

that's a great picture of the two of you! so fun:)

i wish i could tell you that you will eventually LOVE running, but honestly, i still dread it at least once a week.

however, eventually you WILL enjoy the benefits of running so much that you wont give in to the temptation to quit. like yesterday i went and tried on bathing suits. afterwards i ran 8 miles. did i want to? NO. but i knew that in order to WEAR the bathing suits, the run had to happen.

it DOES get easier though, especially as you hit milestones, like your first MILE, and your first race.

keep it up! and let me know if you ever need someone to run with:)