Monday, February 9, 2009

Next Face of Miller Lite?

On Friday night (at approximately 12am, and after a 4 hour beer festival) we had a little competition at the local saloon...who could be the next face of Miller Lite.

Below are the competitors.... On the right you can vote, and feel free to leave comments on why you voted the way you did....

You should judge them on, if this picture was a lifesize miller lite cut out at your local grocer/gas station/ liquor store...which one of these fine gentlemen would you buy a miller lite from?

Contestant #1. Rob: Rob was born in New York and made his way to Ohio while attending Miami University. He is currently an accountant at 5/3 bank. He enjoys cartoon movies, being neat, driving his jeep and (obviously) miller lite!

Contestant #2: Bill. Bill is an Ohio native who attended Ohio University for College. He is currently working for GIS Dynamics where he runs the programming show. Bill enjoys talking with his eyes closed, driving his mustang, working out and a cold miller lite.

Contestant #3: Wall. Wall is also an Ohio University Bobcat and now spends his day in a foundry...doing... whatever people do when they work in a foundry..... Wall enjoys making chili, having plans every night of the week and skiing. As you can see from the pictures, he thinks miller lite is ok.

Vote now! The winner will be announced next week!


Anonymous said...

Best Picture of the Year = Wall-E

Anonymous said...

I voted for Rob...he looks the drunkest.