Friday, February 20, 2009

And our winner is......

"From the bottom of my beer gut, I would like to thank everyone who voted for me as the next face of Miller Lite. I will take this great honor with me forever and each time I drink a refreshing Miller Lite I will remember the nine people who believed in me. "

- Rob Eisenstein

Monday, February 9, 2009

Next Face of Miller Lite?

On Friday night (at approximately 12am, and after a 4 hour beer festival) we had a little competition at the local saloon...who could be the next face of Miller Lite.

Below are the competitors.... On the right you can vote, and feel free to leave comments on why you voted the way you did....

You should judge them on, if this picture was a lifesize miller lite cut out at your local grocer/gas station/ liquor store...which one of these fine gentlemen would you buy a miller lite from?

Contestant #1. Rob: Rob was born in New York and made his way to Ohio while attending Miami University. He is currently an accountant at 5/3 bank. He enjoys cartoon movies, being neat, driving his jeep and (obviously) miller lite!

Contestant #2: Bill. Bill is an Ohio native who attended Ohio University for College. He is currently working for GIS Dynamics where he runs the programming show. Bill enjoys talking with his eyes closed, driving his mustang, working out and a cold miller lite.

Contestant #3: Wall. Wall is also an Ohio University Bobcat and now spends his day in a foundry...doing... whatever people do when they work in a foundry..... Wall enjoys making chili, having plans every night of the week and skiing. As you can see from the pictures, he thinks miller lite is ok.

Vote now! The winner will be announced next week!

Friday, February 6, 2009

The weeks that were and a plea for help.....

It's been a couple of weeks since a post(the man's not only holding me down, he's sitting on top of me), so I'd like to do a little follow-up on stories past:

-Decent number of comments were left about Jen and Rob's thievery at their local grocer. Awful lot of moral compasses seem to be calibrated pointing south.

-Jen feels lucky. I do not, as her Wii as my blogging compensation is denied.

-Startling discovery is made by Jen that the winter season sucks in Ohio because it's cold and is typically accompanied by snow storms.

-Jen starts culinary school, while all her friends start envisioning the fabulous dishes she'll now be expected to bring to their birthday bashes/barbecues/sweater parties.

Moving on, anyone feel like doing a good deed that requires little time and no money? If so, the American Red Cross is in DIRE NEED of blood right now. It takes less than an hour, there are convenient donation locations everywhere and the side effects of donating are completely overblown. I've donated 15 times or so, and I've never once felt ill, faint or had any type of complication. Every 2 seconds someone in the US needs blood, and you've got a pint to spare. Check out for info if you're interested in donating.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Happy Birthday Rob!

If you see this guy around town today, give him a swift pat on the butt and a boisterous HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Also, if anyone wants to join us for some weekend birthday celebrating, you should buy your tickets for the "Midwest Winter Beer Festival" here and join us for the Friday night session from 7-11pm!


Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Geek Alert!

Well the first class was last night and was your usual first day of class, we went over the class expectations, the uniform, took a tour of the kitchen, went over the safety procedures, etc etc...and of course the correct way to wear these LOVELY outfits. (that I have to say makes me look like I weigh 300lbs in this picture) but I digress...

Tonight I have REAL Homework (I kinda forgot about that part of school) and tomorrow we will get to bust out our brand new chefs' knives to learn some basic things..

I can't wait!....except the dishes home, I cook and Rob does the dishes... I'm going to see if the teacher will let me bring him to class on Wednesdays to follow me around and clean up after me.... I'm sure she won't mind...

Monday, February 2, 2009

Next Food Network Star??

Wellllll.....I've decided to stop talking/dreaming about doing it (like I have for the past 5+ years), and just DO IT. I start Culinary School tonight!!!

I feel excited and nervous and not really sure what to expect.....

Wish me luck!....and if you're lucky, look for a shot of me in my swanky new outfit sometime tomorrow......