Wednesday, January 14, 2009

SUCH a slacker

OK...I admit, I have been a huge blogging slacker as of late. Maybe I should make one of my new years resolutions to write twice a week?..or maybe we need to add some more guest bloggers to keep the content juicy? Truth is I just haven't been inspired this week.

I had a great weekend. Hit up Tino Vino with the ladies on Friday night (this cute little wine shop in Hyde Park where you can make your own wine!) but we stuck to the pre-made stuff (for now) and had a little happy hour there. Afterwards we went over to Krista's for dinner (Krista new years resolution was to not eat out for two weeks after the new year, as she is an eat out-aholic) after new years she went to the grocery store and spend $233 on food....if that tells you anything about what was already in her pantry/fridge....(ie- nothing). regardless she has been doing a great job with her resolution...and to be honest I like going to people's houses and having people over for dinner better than going out anyway!

Saturday Rob and I met up with Bill and Wall for lunch up the street and Wall wondered aloud what there is to do on such a gloomy, rainy cold day. I decided bowling and everyone agreed, so thats what we did. The pictures that follow document the day courtesy of Rob's crackberry storm:

After bowling and a few pitchers of miller lite we were tired and dirty (bowling balls are gross) so we all headed to our respective homes for a nap and a shower....a couple hours later we reconvened at Sara's house for more cocktails and a delicious homecooked meal (and cupcakes....of course!) followed by the game of Life..... It was actually a lot of fun...
am I getting old now that having dinner and playing a board game seems like the perfect Saturday night activity to me??
This week has been fairly uneventful so far...with the exception of some fabulous television and some delicious weight watchers friendly food I have been whipping up (Chicken Curry with barley instead of rice (sounds iffy, but it was really good!)..... turkey tacos(alad), followed by the always popular dark chocolate 60 calorie sugar free pudding cup with fat free redi-whip and a cherry for dessert...
We're calling tomorrow the second weight watchers weigh in.... hopefully it will be better than last weeks....for now I have to run....I'm meeting with someone (that I will tell you more about tomorrow!) and then heading to book club with the ladies...
happy hump day everyone :-)


Mary Ann* said...

Jen, I have done WW before and dropped 34 pounds! I didn't do the meetings, just online (points/flex plan). I love their programs and they WORK.

However, I tried that reddi whip and I think its a total mess. Give me 2 tablespoons of cool whip free any day! :)

GL @ the weigh-in!

Emily Malone said...

Okay weird. I actually bowled in that exact same lane at Stones a few weeks ago. Don't you think it's REALLY distracting how the lane is right up against the wall?? All our balls were going to the right bc we were all afraid of the neon pins jutting out at us.

I can't even describe what happened when it went cosmic!

I love bowling.

Remember when you were in the bowling club, and I would come meet you all at Mulligan's on Thursday nights??

Anonymous said...

yes! mulligans after bowling! with emily gap! too bad my life sucks and i can't do that anymore :(