Thursday, January 29, 2009

Stupid Winter.

Well, Christmas and the first big pretty snowfall has come and gone in the greater Cincinnati area, therefore deeming winter useless and this girl ready for spring. I hate winter but I love the seasons…I love that spring, summer and fall all have their own special gifts to offer. The first flowers and hints of warmth, time by the pool and flip flops, then the changing of the leaves and light jackets. Then comes winter. The only thing it is good for is Christmas (obviously) and the one good snow I like to see a year…that is over….and now, I am officially sick of winter.

I am sick of frumpy coats, scarves, real shoes and pale skin. I am sick of being cooped up in the house and never seeing the sunshine. I want to email all my friends at 4:30 on a Thursday, like I do in the summer, and tell them we are meeting in half hour on the back patio of Pavilion for happy hour and everyone shows up because who doesn’t want to enjoy frosty beverages outside on a hot day with their friends??

Stupid winter.

Oh flip flops, tank tops and sundresses….I want you back. Cornhole, cookouts and day drinking…..where have you been? Mt. Adams pool, you seem so frozen and uninviting. Spring seems so very very far away.

In closing, here is a haiku I wrote about winter:

Christmas, snow, ice, cold
It was kinda fun before
But not anymore…..

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