Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy 2009!!!

A very happy 2009 to all of you out there!! Today is my second day back at work since a halfday on 12/19 and it has been glorious. My two weeks included lots of sleeping in, lots of bad tv (has anyone ever noticed the sheer AMOUNT of court tv on during the day??), some Christmas baking, some shopping....and more sleeping in.

Now it's time to start 2009 with this year's resolutions, which include:

  • losing about 30lbs... I figure if I put it in the blog, I have to do it! I started weight watchers at work the Thursday before the two week break, but then we were off for two weeks (Christmas and New Years- Don't ask me why they didnt just start it this Thursday, but I digress....) Rob is on board and we are getting fit in 2009 with an official start date of yesterday... I already have two beach vacations tentatively scheduled for this year, so hopefully that will be enough motivation!

  • Fiscal Responsibility... spend less, save more!

These are very big and generic resolutions, but this year they really need to get done, so I'm making them anyway... I usually make more specific resolutions and am pretty good at keeping them, so hopefully I will be successful.

For example:
Two years ago I "resolved" to visit NYC in 2007 and read more books. Well in 2007 my friend Paul and I took a whirlwind trip to NYC, Boston and Philadelphia...and I started a book club which is still going strong! I'd say that was a successful year.

Last year I had a much more random resolution list...which included trying to start liking iced tea, pickles and olives. I know this is random...but I'm, it works... I guess.

Also since I'm a shameless tv addict, I am excited for the new year because TV is back. I was getting sick of re-runs and marathons of re-runs, so I'm glad everything is new.
Brett Michales Rock of Love Bus, the new Bachelor, The City, Bromance, The new Biggest Loser, Grey's Anatomy...desperate housewives...The secret life of the American Teenager (should I admit I watch that on the internet???) all new. And speaking of new, did anyone watch that new show last night, "True Beauty"...oh poor dvr is in overload.

Well there is entirely too much to say for this one measely blog expect more tomorrow. For now, I say Happy New Year! I am looking forward to seeing what adventures 2009 will bring!


Anonymous said...

Ahh, finally a post after a near month long hiatus. My New Year can now officially begin. Thank you Jen Lilley, thank you.

Love your Nickee.

Bates said...

Well with that much vacation time I'm saddened you couldn't muster up a blog post to fill your readers in.

I highly recommend adding Nova, or Frontline (both are on PBS) into your weekly television schedule. It's the vegetables of "buffet" of television.

I recommend adding Kyle XY to your guilty pleasures.