Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Feelin' Lucky

I started this post last week and never finished....so it's a little late :) So this has been a lucky year for me. I never really consider myself that lucky of a person. I never win those silly little door prizes that they give out at showers, I don't win carnival games, I barely ever ever win a free ticket on the scratch offs, but every once in a while I get pretty lucky and it makes me happy.

Over the summer we had a big Field Day at work, when describing it to my sister (wii mariocart, rockband, a bingo station outside, plinko, big blow up jumpy things, a million cornhole boards, one of those things where you hit the target with the hammer and it tries to ring the bell, gambling tables etc) she said, so basically, your work had an afterprom? So, yeah, kind of a good way to describe it. Basically you played the games and earned tickets and you could put the tickets in the different boxes to try and win different prizes...There were lots of good PG prize packages (like a laundry basket full of Tide, Downy, Dryer sheets, etc etc), a couple of ipods, a "reds package" stuff like that....and the grand prize of the Wii complete with wii mario cart with two wheels. Everyone there was DETERMINED to win that wii...except me. I mean it's not like I didn't WANT to win the wii....it was just that instead of stuffing every single ticket I won into the 3 wii boxes they ended up having to put out because everyone was putting all their tickets in that one, I spread mine around, even putting them in the gifts no one really wanted just because I kind of wanted to walk away winning SOMETHING......

well at the end of the day during the drawing, I, as usual, was winning nothing....until at the end when they did the drawing for the wii and all the fun stuff that came along with it and picked my name! What a fun prize to win! Now, I am NOT a video game player..really at all...and would never spend hundreds of dollars for this system for myself....but what a fun thing to have around when people are over when you got it for free....

Last week I got an email telling me that I won the drawing at work to get my health insurance premiums paid off for the entire year! What a random drawing and to be honest, I didn't even know this contest existed, or how exactly I got entered in it...but was still very excited to have won it.

Maybe my luck is starting to turn around
megamillions...are you next?!


Anonymous said...

Congrats on the Wii J-Lilley. I too recently won a door prize at my company's christmas party, I was pumped until the prize turned out to be a 200 dollar gift card to a local day spa. WTF?, HTF am I suppose to enjoy that? I wanted a do over, but as soon as the announced my prize Heather was flailing her arms and wooting, it was too late to ask. Anywho, I guess in the end, Heather was the big winner.

Good luck on the megamillions. Don't forget the little people.

Manchester's Finest said...

Jennifer - the way I see it, that Wii would be worthy compensation for the fine work(debatable) I've done in my short time here at double R.

Lindsey said...

have you read em's post about being lucky? truly the girl is blessed. me, i won a coloring contest at the age of 5 and am still waiting for my next lucky moment.
...can i come over and play wii bowling sometime?
love it!