Thursday, January 29, 2009

Stupid Winter.

Well, Christmas and the first big pretty snowfall has come and gone in the greater Cincinnati area, therefore deeming winter useless and this girl ready for spring. I hate winter but I love the seasons…I love that spring, summer and fall all have their own special gifts to offer. The first flowers and hints of warmth, time by the pool and flip flops, then the changing of the leaves and light jackets. Then comes winter. The only thing it is good for is Christmas (obviously) and the one good snow I like to see a year…that is over….and now, I am officially sick of winter.

I am sick of frumpy coats, scarves, real shoes and pale skin. I am sick of being cooped up in the house and never seeing the sunshine. I want to email all my friends at 4:30 on a Thursday, like I do in the summer, and tell them we are meeting in half hour on the back patio of Pavilion for happy hour and everyone shows up because who doesn’t want to enjoy frosty beverages outside on a hot day with their friends??

Stupid winter.

Oh flip flops, tank tops and sundresses….I want you back. Cornhole, cookouts and day drinking…..where have you been? Mt. Adams pool, you seem so frozen and uninviting. Spring seems so very very far away.

In closing, here is a haiku I wrote about winter:

Christmas, snow, ice, cold
It was kinda fun before
But not anymore…..

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Feelin' Lucky

I started this post last week and never it's a little late :) So this has been a lucky year for me. I never really consider myself that lucky of a person. I never win those silly little door prizes that they give out at showers, I don't win carnival games, I barely ever ever win a free ticket on the scratch offs, but every once in a while I get pretty lucky and it makes me happy.

Over the summer we had a big Field Day at work, when describing it to my sister (wii mariocart, rockband, a bingo station outside, plinko, big blow up jumpy things, a million cornhole boards, one of those things where you hit the target with the hammer and it tries to ring the bell, gambling tables etc) she said, so basically, your work had an afterprom? So, yeah, kind of a good way to describe it. Basically you played the games and earned tickets and you could put the tickets in the different boxes to try and win different prizes...There were lots of good PG prize packages (like a laundry basket full of Tide, Downy, Dryer sheets, etc etc), a couple of ipods, a "reds package" stuff like that....and the grand prize of the Wii complete with wii mario cart with two wheels. Everyone there was DETERMINED to win that wii...except me. I mean it's not like I didn't WANT to win the was just that instead of stuffing every single ticket I won into the 3 wii boxes they ended up having to put out because everyone was putting all their tickets in that one, I spread mine around, even putting them in the gifts no one really wanted just because I kind of wanted to walk away winning SOMETHING......

well at the end of the day during the drawing, I, as usual, was winning nothing....until at the end when they did the drawing for the wii and all the fun stuff that came along with it and picked my name! What a fun prize to win! Now, I am NOT a video game player..really at all...and would never spend hundreds of dollars for this system for myself....but what a fun thing to have around when people are over when you got it for free....

Last week I got an email telling me that I won the drawing at work to get my health insurance premiums paid off for the entire year! What a random drawing and to be honest, I didn't even know this contest existed, or how exactly I got entered in it...but was still very excited to have won it.

Maybe my luck is starting to turn around
megamillions...are you next?!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Jen has officially entered "The Dork Zone"

Jen and I, as well as a number of the readers of double R, have a friend named Andy who's affectionately referred to as "Dork". That's him over to the right. Among the many things Dork has become known for, chief among them is his reluctance to spend his dinero. Take every cheapskate stereotype you know, Dorkus Maximus fits the bill. When it comes to cheapness, this guy is the grand poobah.
HOWEVER - not even Dork has taken his "thriftiness" to the level of one Jennifer Rose Lilley. Jen is currently running a scheme on her lovely neighborhood Kroger that pales only in comparison to Bernie Madoff. Like many of us, Jen peruses the Sunday paper to clip coupons. Unlike the rest of us, she clips out every single coupon even if she doesn't usually purchase the eligible product. She then hops in her swanky little Jetta, rolls over to Kroger and does the deed.
She loads her cart up with goodies, then hits the checkout lane. I imagine she intentionally picks the lane with the nerdy high school kid running the register. They ring her up, and then phase 1 begins. Jen hands over a fist full of coupons and Poindexter gets to scanning. Only, the coupon for deodorant, cat litter and laundry detergent doesn't want to scan. Perhaps its because she hasn't actually purchased these items. This is when phase 2 begins. This is part of the scheme that remains shrouded in mystery. I'm not sure if she plays the 'stubborn hardass' or the 'innocent victim with puppydog eyes' role, but someway somehow Jen gets Poindexter to override the system and apply the coupon to her order. Phase 3 commences as she struts back to the Jetta, having just gamed Kroger and the manufacturer of the coupon(s) out of some hard earned cash.
Is her scheme "right" or morally correct? Absolutely NOT. Am I jealous the foreigners are Meijer would never fall for the same trick? You betcha.
So did this story really shake me to the core? Naw, but it got you to come back and read. You were probably going to do that anyway, though. Have a good weekend all.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Happy Birthday Jen!!!!!

So, in case you didn't know, everyone's favorite Roger Bacon alum(did you know she swam in high school??) turns 28 today. So if you see our little blogging princess today, give her a birthday noogie and thank her for sharing her special day with the American people. Evidently something else is going on today and it's supposed to be pretty big, but I can't figure out what it is because there's absolutely no media coverage of it.

Since it's her birthday, I'm going to wait until tomorrow to share a story about our lovely birthday lassie that shook me to the core. Cliffhanger? Yes, please.

Jennifer - in the words of the immortal Curtis Jackson, "party like it's your birfday". Happy Birthday!

Friday, January 16, 2009

On shorter posts and small town joys...

I won't belabor the point since Jen's already touched on it, but frankly, the blog has major league sucked since about my first week on the job. The remedy for such suckitude, I hope, is to shorten my posts to allow for more frequent ramblings. If I've got 10 minutes to kill between meetings about the TPS cover sheets, I hope to spend it tormenting my keyboard for your reading pleasure.

Now for some actual content. For those who don't know me personally, I hail from the metropolis(insert heavy sarcasm here) that is Manchester, Ohio. You've not been there I'm certain, so allow me to paint the rosey picture now: Take all the lovely conveniences you've come to know and love about where you live, and throw them directly out the window. No malls or Targets, Applebee's or B dubbs, cell phone service, badass happy hours at your favorite spot, movie theaters and bowling alleys. See, in Manchester, you get 3 Stop Lights and the 8 ball pool hall. That's it. However, let me tell you why it's the most awesome thing this side of Julius's wallet in 'Pulp Fiction' - small towns are like Mexico when it comes to money, it goes a lot further. Courtesy of Lee's Fix-It Shop, the Silver Bullet(Shoutout to Hopper - "DETROIT MUSCLE BITCH") is stoppin' on dimes while saving Josh's. Lee hooked it up at a cost of $155 for parts and labor, while the friendly neighborhood Firestone here in Hilliard quoted me at $350-$650.

So the next time you're in need of auto repair, I'd recommend you head out to the closest small town near you. Head to the local diner/coffee shop, have some lunch and wait for the guy with the greasy hands to show up. While you're waiting, ask to see the phonebook. Pick out the name of a lovely local yocal, and when the town mechanic shows up advise that you're "Dave Seaman's cousin". Ask if he's got time to take a look at your radiator, and then go buy yourself a Snuggie and some Sham-Wows with all the money you saved.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

SUCH a slacker

OK...I admit, I have been a huge blogging slacker as of late. Maybe I should make one of my new years resolutions to write twice a week?..or maybe we need to add some more guest bloggers to keep the content juicy? Truth is I just haven't been inspired this week.

I had a great weekend. Hit up Tino Vino with the ladies on Friday night (this cute little wine shop in Hyde Park where you can make your own wine!) but we stuck to the pre-made stuff (for now) and had a little happy hour there. Afterwards we went over to Krista's for dinner (Krista new years resolution was to not eat out for two weeks after the new year, as she is an eat out-aholic) after new years she went to the grocery store and spend $233 on food....if that tells you anything about what was already in her pantry/fridge....(ie- nothing). regardless she has been doing a great job with her resolution...and to be honest I like going to people's houses and having people over for dinner better than going out anyway!

Saturday Rob and I met up with Bill and Wall for lunch up the street and Wall wondered aloud what there is to do on such a gloomy, rainy cold day. I decided bowling and everyone agreed, so thats what we did. The pictures that follow document the day courtesy of Rob's crackberry storm:

After bowling and a few pitchers of miller lite we were tired and dirty (bowling balls are gross) so we all headed to our respective homes for a nap and a shower....a couple hours later we reconvened at Sara's house for more cocktails and a delicious homecooked meal (and cupcakes....of course!) followed by the game of Life..... It was actually a lot of fun...
am I getting old now that having dinner and playing a board game seems like the perfect Saturday night activity to me??
This week has been fairly uneventful so far...with the exception of some fabulous television and some delicious weight watchers friendly food I have been whipping up (Chicken Curry with barley instead of rice (sounds iffy, but it was really good!)..... turkey tacos(alad), followed by the always popular dark chocolate 60 calorie sugar free pudding cup with fat free redi-whip and a cherry for dessert...
We're calling tomorrow the second weight watchers weigh in.... hopefully it will be better than last weeks....for now I have to run....I'm meeting with someone (that I will tell you more about tomorrow!) and then heading to book club with the ladies...
happy hump day everyone :-)

Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy 2009!!!

A very happy 2009 to all of you out there!! Today is my second day back at work since a halfday on 12/19 and it has been glorious. My two weeks included lots of sleeping in, lots of bad tv (has anyone ever noticed the sheer AMOUNT of court tv on during the day??), some Christmas baking, some shopping....and more sleeping in.

Now it's time to start 2009 with this year's resolutions, which include:

  • losing about 30lbs... I figure if I put it in the blog, I have to do it! I started weight watchers at work the Thursday before the two week break, but then we were off for two weeks (Christmas and New Years- Don't ask me why they didnt just start it this Thursday, but I digress....) Rob is on board and we are getting fit in 2009 with an official start date of yesterday... I already have two beach vacations tentatively scheduled for this year, so hopefully that will be enough motivation!

  • Fiscal Responsibility... spend less, save more!

These are very big and generic resolutions, but this year they really need to get done, so I'm making them anyway... I usually make more specific resolutions and am pretty good at keeping them, so hopefully I will be successful.

For example:
Two years ago I "resolved" to visit NYC in 2007 and read more books. Well in 2007 my friend Paul and I took a whirlwind trip to NYC, Boston and Philadelphia...and I started a book club which is still going strong! I'd say that was a successful year.

Last year I had a much more random resolution list...which included trying to start liking iced tea, pickles and olives. I know this is random...but I'm, it works... I guess.

Also since I'm a shameless tv addict, I am excited for the new year because TV is back. I was getting sick of re-runs and marathons of re-runs, so I'm glad everything is new.
Brett Michales Rock of Love Bus, the new Bachelor, The City, Bromance, The new Biggest Loser, Grey's Anatomy...desperate housewives...The secret life of the American Teenager (should I admit I watch that on the internet???) all new. And speaking of new, did anyone watch that new show last night, "True Beauty"...oh poor dvr is in overload.

Well there is entirely too much to say for this one measely blog expect more tomorrow. For now, I say Happy New Year! I am looking forward to seeing what adventures 2009 will bring!