Monday, December 1, 2008

My four day holiday weekend was anything but relaxing, nothing but fun and action packed….and today I am totally useless. If I could lay in bed right now I guarantee I wouldn’t wake up again until tomorrow at this time…and even then I might need just a little more sleep.

The weekend started off on Wednesday night with dinner and Spanish class at my house. Afterwards, we had a few more people stop by for drinks, some card games and then followed it up with a pre-thanksgiving night in Mt. Adams. The bars were not AS Crowded as they seemed last year (GOOD thing) but still pretty crowded, but it was a fun night out.

I woke up on Thursday morning and made a pot of coffee and some homemade Amish cinnamon sugar bread….it was Delicious and made the apartment smell so good. We watched the parade which is always fun…and also brought to my attention how little I know about tween celebrities… Then I baked some corn casserole for Thanksgiving #1, made the delicious buffalo chicken dip for thanksgiving #2 and we headed out the door.

Both Thanksgivings were successful and delicious and Rob got the pleasure of meeting and/or hanging out with everyone in my extended family all in one day! (what a trooper) We even brought LRC to my aunt’s house (along with a pre-thanksgiving email telling everyone to bring singles) and had a little dice gambling game after dinner…. We played two games and I won the first game and Rob wont he second for a total of $66…whoops! We caught some grief for that one, but still left Thanksgiving $66 richer :-)
Afterwards we stopped at Krista for some post-family drinks and a couple of rousing games of Catchphrase before calling it a night.

Friday Rob and I faced the crowds and headed to a couple of stores… afterwards it was time for Thanksgiving number 3 (well, 4 if you count the one last weekend…and 5 if you count the one at work…..) but 3 of this weekend. Every year Allison’s dad makes a delicious deep fried turkey. Seriously.delicious. We headed over there for some deep friend turkey, spicy corn, sweet potato fries and of course lots of wine and good company…afterwards we headed out to a random local Clifton Bar (Arlins) and met up with some other cliftonites and had some more drinks and a late night 4th meal at Skyline… (I absolutely gained 20lbs this weekend)….

Saturday night was our friend Jonathan’s Birthday Party bus!.....We started the night off at Monks Cove with kegs and pizzas and then Jonathan had his secret destination party bus take us all over the city…..One of the bars had the best jukebox ever (can anyone say dirty dancing soundtrack?!?!) and presented Jonathan ceremoniously with a gift of their collection of barbecue sauces…if I could tell you where we were I would…but I wouldn’t be able to get back there myself…
We ended the night by dancing our pants off at Lodge Bar until it was time to head back home.

Then to Really end the weekend, My obsession with Christmas couldn’t keep me from wanting to go see the NYC Rockettes this weekend, even though I knew how exhausted we would be…. I convinced Krista, Jonathan and Rob to come and the help of finding a coupon for 50% off tickets made the deal even sweeter, so that’s where we headed Sunday night. We are dumb and didn’t look at our tickets and assumed it started at 7:30pm, but as we are walking into the arena at 7:15pm is when I decide to look at the tickets to “make sure we had the right time” and saw that the show had started 15 minutes ago……it turned out ok, because we could see who was already there and who wasn’t and seamlessly take some much better seats than the ones we had paid for… However, as we walked in, the scene that was on was a re-enactment of the Nutcracker scene, where all the toys are dancing under the tree…but all the people were dressed as bears. Bears dressed as Russian toys, bears dressed as ballerinas, bears dressed as various other toys…
Krista, Jonathan and Rob gave me the “what the f did you talk us into” look and I just couldn’t stop laughing…. Tears were streaming out of my eyes because all I could think is that if these people are dressed up like freaking dancing ballerina bears for 2 hours, I would never live this down…

FORTUNATELY for everyone involved the show got MUCH better…there were dancing santas, ice skaters, an nyc double decker bus, toy soldiers, a living nativity scene, a FLYIng santa and more high kicks than you could EVER count….

All in all what a fabulous weekend!
Can you believe it’s December 1st today??
Let the non-stop Christmas music begin!!!!

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oh my goodness! boy meets world... doesn't the guy who married topanga look like shia lebeouf?!