Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Lunch Thief

Due to the effort of ctg08 (cut the gut '08, obvs) Rob and I have been packing our lunches every day before work. Lots of healthy snacks, veggies, yogurt, etc. Unfortunately, this effort has coincided with the return of the c8 break room thief at work. I have fallen victim to this thief many times in the form of yogurts and small snacks...the first time I figured, it was a mistake and that they thought it was their light and fit strawberry yogurt cup.. but after writing my name in permanent marker on the top and sides of the cup....and it still disappearing between the morning and lunch time on more than one occasion, I knew we had a thief on our hands.... I knew I was not alone because shortly after, this sign appeared on the refrigerator:

gross, right?

Well some time had gone on and the thief hadn't resurfaced....until yesterday.
Yesterday the break room thief stole my friend Angie's cute pink lunch bag and all the contents within...they did take her son's sippy cup out of the bag and throw it in the freezer...further proving it wasn't an accident. Afterwards, she left this sign on the refrigerator:

After commiserating with her for a while and trying to do some secret sleuthing of the bag, she headed up to the lunchroom to buy a new lunch and I headed to the freezer to grab my healthy choice meal that I had written my name on in the morning..... GONE! The thief had claimed another victim....me...

Thank goodness this morning Rob came up with a completely foolproof way of protecting my lunch, as pictured below. No thief will ever get through these extreme security measures:

If I were a thief, I think I would go out of my way to steal this one... haha, but luckily for me my lunch was right where I left it and I just happily munched on a turkey sandwich and carrot sticks for lunch.

Next steps: catch the thief..

Ideas? exlax sprinkled in the food? a nanny cam of some sort for 24 hours surveillance?


Emily Malone said...

is it bad that this post made me nearly pee myself laughing?

sorry about the lunches, but that sippy cup shit is HILARIOUS!

a nanny cam is a must. certainly P&G has that in the budget somewhere.

OR - remember in high school when there would be random drug searches? police would bust into a classroom and everyone would have to drop everything for the search (i went to HS in the ghetto)??

I propose random office searches. Someone pull the fire alarm, emptying the building, while an official-looking crew search for the missing pink lunch bag.

And if that happens please let me come watch.

MichelleSeeber said...

sounds like you need an old-fashioned lunch bag/cooler and an ice pack... keep it by your desk :)


staple your brown bag so the theif can't see all the goodies!

Good luck - sounds like you have a real dilema!!

Unknown said...

Geez, it's hard to believe that someone is that hard up for lunch! To steal Angie's lunch bag? I guess this person missed the "Ethics" portion of the new hire onboarding. Stealing someone's lunch is just wrong.

John D. McGarry said...

So I know for a fact that Rob gave you the slogan "Cut the Gut 08." I think you need to give credit where credit is due.

Ask him and I'm sure he'll fess up.

Anonymous said...

I would absolutely make put something gross in a yummy looking meal for your little prankster!