Monday, December 8, 2008

Fun Weekend and GOD I hate the mall

This weekend was a good one. Starting off with a whole foods wine tasting and sushi with my Dad on Friday to an all day candy making/cookie decorating extravaganza on was a good weekend. If you are lucky enough to get some of these DELICIOUS pretzels that are the fruits of our labor....consider yourself lucky! As usual they turned out DELICIOUS. :-) and so pretty!

Sunday after church (which was awesome and included a Jesus/Santa skit) I decided to go to the mall....mistake. big mistake. I don't remember the mall being like this....maybe I am getting old...or maybe sales people are just getting more aggressive....but regardless...that might have been my last mall shopping trip of the season.... I am the most indecisive person ever... I will literally walk around a store with an item in my hand for 45 about to get in line......then put it back and walk out of the store empty handed. The mall gives me the opportunity to do this store after store right next to each other and waste hours and hours of precious time that could be spent on so many other things...

The second I walked into many stores I had sales people hounding me and asking me whether I had their store credit card or not.....Kiosk people in the middle of the mall were screaming things out to me, maam! miss! Can I ask you a questioN! which I am usually excellent at completely ignoring until one guy tried to make me think I dropped something or was about to drop something and kept pointing at my bags until finally I came closer to him so he could show me what he was pointing at which time he tried to sell me a hair straightener.... "I can see that you take care of the way you look....but with my straightener...your hair will never be frizzy like that!"....thanks.

It always seems at the places I want people to leave me alone, it's impossible....but then I walk into a department store where I have a million questions...(If I say I hate the mall.... I can't think of a word strong enough to describe how I feel about department stores.....) Anyway....when you walk into a department store you can't find someone that works there to save your life....and when you finally do....they are use.less.

Actual converation with Dillards employee yesterday, working the floor:

me: Hi, Can you tell me where to find women's coats?

Her: Downstairs. I think.

Me: Ok, I was just down there and didn't see them, can you tell me after I go down the escalator if I go to the left or right?

Her: Yeah, I have no idea.

Me: ok... thanks?

One thing I can say is that I did a good thing this year....starting in early November if I was out and saw something that I thought would be a good gift for someone, I bought it. I have also been online buying lots...which is good. This has been a seriously random rant today, but I just had to get some things off my chest.

ALLLL this being said, my mom is working at Macy's this holiday season and if you would like a friends & family discount card for next weekend, let me know! (that is- if you want to go anywhere near Macy's after reading this rant)

Only 17 more days until Christmas!!!


Lindsey said...

Lilley, I am all about the ONLINE shopping.
No parking terrors, no horrid sales people, no lines.
AND for a brief moment when I see the packages waiting by my door I pretend they are FOR me...until reality hits and I realize my goodies have arrived and I have presents to wrap.

Mary Ann* said...

As a member of the retail community (and a former dept store mgr), I must agree that dept store service is most often disgusting. In fact, I find myself hating the staff at nearly every store I visit! Everyone on my gift list gets presents from wherever I am working that season... I can't stand to shop anywhere else!

Emily Malone said...

remember when we WORKED at the mall? i would leave my house an hour early just to find a parking spot!

not to mention all the sick xmas garbage bags the gap called holiday sweaters. horrible!

Emily Malone said...

is it too late for friends and family?? is it over? hate when i am a shopping slacker.

Lar said...

Nick Parsons tipped me to this blog post after my posting:

After being ask by the Dead Sea folks if I had a girlfriend (no), I said to myself, "Self, If one more person bothers you from these kiosks, tell them what you really think". So I'm walking along with my one bag and googling something on my phone... Im not making eye contact, walking very far away. I was more than 10 feet away from the hair straightener people when I get "Sir! SIR!, YOU DROPPED SOMETHI...." When I turned around and screamed "NO! LEAVE ME ALONE!"

Thought you should know that someone got some revenge for you.