Friday, November 21, 2008


Every Friday I get the delightfully classic song in my head that we all grew up listening to on Friday nights:

It's Friday night
And the mood is right.
Gonna have some funnn show you how it's done

Today I decided to look up some of the shows that used to be on TGIF....when I think of TGIF I mostly think of Full House (classic TGIF show), Family Matters (I had an unhealthy obsession with Urkel, seriously I thought that show was HILARIOUS), Step by Step and Perfect Strangers (ooooh that Balki). But today I decided to look it up to see what shows were on it and was suprised to find the combinations. I decided to learn a new blogging trick and learn a little something new about my friends....all in the same blog! Please vote on your favorite TGIF lineup, and then leave a little note in the comments as to why that was the best lineup...

Also, let's talk about some of the merits of some of these shows....

Family Matters:

This was the SHOW. That Urkel....always in love with Laura and looking for Cheese.. I truly thought at the time that this show was hilarious. I'm almost glad my sister isn't a big keeper upper with this blog, bc she might have some things to add about me and my unhealthy obsession with this show, but let's just say I had a tshirt with him on it and all of his "catch phrases" in neon all around it.....and also a doll that when you pull the string on the back of him he laughs with a snort and says things like "did I do that????" classic. classic. It, did however start to go downhill when Steve invented that "machine" that made him into "Stephan" who was all suave and made Laura fall in love with him. That Laura is so shallow.

Boy Meets World
ANother TGIF Classic and favorite of mine. I was still watching this one once they all got to college and somehow all lived in the same dorm and Topanga and whats his face got married....good show.

Perfect Strangers

OOooohh Balki!
The story line for this show went something like this (I think). Balki was from mepos...where there were apparantly lots of goats and sheep. I can't remember why he had to come to America (anyone?) but he does and finds his cousin Larry (pronounces cussen Larry) and they become roommates. Then they are lucky enough to find girl roommates in the same which one is smart and one is stupid...and everyone lives happily ever after!!....with lots of crazy happenings in between.

oh and the theme song went like this:
Standing taaaallll on the wings of my dreams!
Rise and faaaalll on the wiinnggss of my dreams
rain and thunders! wind and haze! i'm bound for better days (aaaaahhhhh)

(....aaaannnd that's literally all I remember about this show)

And last but not least (at least for this blog) good old, Mr Belvedere:
According to our new arrival
Life is more than mere survival
and We just might live the good life yet.
I can BARELY remember this show, but I do remember one was, they just dont make tv like this anymore......TGIF should come back to primetime television! but which lineup?? Denny, you're out....Mr Belveder and are so in! Vote now!


Emily Malone said...

Obviously I had to pick one with Full House, as it was the best TGIF show of all time. I truly believed I WAS Stephanie Tanner when I was ten. Remember when she stole the sweater from the department store? Aaahh memories.

Lilley - Urkel, really? I always thought he was so annoying. And what about the little sister that was missing for like three seasons? And Eddie Winslow who never had a plot? Stefan UrKEL was terrible - I agree.

Bates said...

Oh Topanga, all the talent went to waste.

Andrea said...

Man, I wish I would've gotten in on the voting earlier...I've gotta go with the Full House/Family Matters combo though -- after that, I really didn't care what was on. #1 - I too thought I was Stephanie Tanner...and #2 - I share your unhealthy obsession with Steve Urkel. Seriously. I was Urkel for Halloween one year. Beat that! :-P