Tuesday, November 4, 2008

My Halloween List & The Election

I am in a hurry today (busy busy day at work) but wanted to take a few lunch break minutes to write about my Halloween! Following Ralphie's lead, I am going to write this blog in a list format due to my haste.

- Always (ALWAYS) open things before buying them from a store where there is a no return policy. Juno/Bleeker was our costume for the night on Friday and I was in a hurry and knew exactly where I had seen the "big stomach" when I had been at the costume store last, so I ran in, grabbed it and called it a day. Well let's just say Friday night's pictures are the definition of a hott mess and there was no way I was going to wear that monstrosity again on Saturday (seriously think of Kate from Jon & Kate plus 8 being overdue by 4 months with her sextuplets)- I don't even want to post a picture from this night but figure, I might as well let you share in the horror. Rob's costume=Awesome. My costume= Hottt mess

- Do not wait for The day after Halloween to get a halloween costume. After seeing the pictures from Friday I was determined to find something (anything) else for the parties on Saturday, but there was literally NOTHING left. My choices were 3x sized renaissance women or "sexy" costumes that no one wanted bc they seriously made absolutely no sense: sexy feather witch (seriously, what is a "feather witch"), a sexy CSI Agent....which was basically just a slutty black plasticy dress with CSI written down the front...I blame myself for the last minute shopping, but use this as a warning.

- Playing flipcup against me and my girlfriends is just a waste of everyone's time. Just give us trophy, bragging rights, or whatever else the prize is, and call it a day. Seriously, we are that awesome.

-Walmart is the best place for costumes....not like their actual Halloween costumes, but their clothes in general...you can seriously find anything there for super cheap. And sometimes it might say it's $14.99 on the tag but then ring up for a dollar....just sayin..

- So basically on Saturday I met up with Twister, a girlscout, bleeker, a jobless santa with an elf, the pillsboury doughboy and a playboy bunny for some delicious homemade pizza at sara's and then headed over to my sister Emily's Mt. Lookout Halloween party. After dominating for hours in flipcup, we headed over to Habits to meet up with Ralphie, Nick, Haylie, Doc and friends...

-Then on Sunday, the Bengals FINALLY WON A GAME...soooo...all in all, a great weekend.

Now tonight is the election. I havent voted yet today so am hoping I don't need to stand in any two hour lines last this evening. Guess I could've voted earlier if I wasnt so freaking indecisive about everything. Wishing everyone a very happy election tonight and an even happier night after the election (no more political commercials!!)

ps. arent our new pictures on the side hilariously geek? love them...but most likely only for a few days.


Unknown said...

Awesome costumes!! I especially love the GIANT belly. Ha!

I'll send you pictures of our Star Wars costumes. :)

Back in the office tomorrow....see you then!

Anonymous said...

I tried to talk Jesse into Juno costumes, though I wouldn't have had to buy the belly! =)

Jen Lilley said...

oooh you should've made jesse do it! That would have been awesome.

Anonymous said...

The blog update was just what i needed to read before leaving a crappy day at work. and I like the geeky blog pix of you and ralphie!