Thursday, November 20, 2008


Loyal Readers. My sincere apologies for the 2 week hiatus that Random Ramblings has been on. I have so much randomness to ramble about, yet every time I sit down to actually write an entry, I get sidetracked by something and stop….maybe shorter more frequent blogs are the answer….

While I usually blog on my lunch break, this week has been consumed by Monday and Tuesday’s finishing my book club book up at lunch for Tuesday night’s book babes meeting….and Wednesday during lunch I had to do my Spanish homework. Krista has been taking time to teach me, Rob and Jonathan Spanish. Last night was our second class…. I think if she wasn’t a successful businesswoman, she could have definitely been a teacher….she is very patient with us as we continually pronounce everything just plain wrong or in some kind of made up Spanish-y French accent (habit- since all three of us have studied French) ..I sound like some kind of lame high school student….with my book deadlines and homework, but it’s all a lot of fun. I’ve also been consumed by all things holiday….but I am back now.. let the randomness resume.

First off….let’s talk about some recent tv shows.
Grey’s Anatomy: Denny- you’re out. Seriously….now Izzy can make out with ghosts? I am confused and dismayed by the direction Grey’s is going….and if Denny isn’t off the show soon, I might have to take my DVR primetime spot to another channel (ok- we all know that will never happen, but I can at least threaten…

The Hills-Next week Audrina is going to accuse LC of hooking up with Justin Bobby!! Seriously?! Bring on the drama… I’m so excited for this. Also, last week it seemed as though Heidi might finally be coming to her Spencer Senses….I’m excited to see what tonight brings on….

And lastly for this post, let’s talk for a minute about getting and or staying slim during the holiday season….is this possible?

This morning my group at work had a “food day” to celebrate November Birthdays….There are Graeters donuts, buffalo chicken dip (my FAVORITE), pumpkin dip, bagel dip, carrots and dip, a cheese pastry log type situation, taco dip, brownies, cupcakes and a small cake on the table right behind me. Needless to say I had buffalo chicken dip for breakfast…. instead of my usual small oatmeal with a tablespoon of granola. My stomach is not pleased with me….

Then for lunch today in the cafeteria at work there is the yearly Thanksgiving celebration. For $6.50 you get turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, green beans, a biscuit, cranberry sauce AND a peace of pie….I got a small soup, due to the fact that I ate buffalo chicken dip for breakfast, but don’t think I can’t smell mashed potatoes everywhere I go in this building.

Tomorrow is our Group’s thanksgiving lunch…everyone signs up to bring something in for thanksgiving and it all has to be homemade….all these ladies are busting out their super once a year fancy special sides and whatnot….trouble.

Then Saturday we are having our “friends” Thanksgiving. The menu isn’t finalized for this yet, but I have a feeling it will be delicious….and a lot of delicious…

This is just the next 3 days…this is gonna be a rough holiday season….
Season's Eatings!


Anonymous said...

Yeah, good work reading material!

RGB said...

Welcome back!
Grey's Anatomy fell by the waste side over a year ago. After Izzy saved that dying deer, the show jumped the shark. I would suggest reading your book of the month during that hour. That way this blog doesn't get placed on the back burner. haha

Have a happy turkey day.

bogart said...

<3-ed your mashed potatoes today!

Lily said...

Buffalo Chicken Dip is my favorite too! How do you make yours?

Here's my recipe:

Let me know if you try it!

Jen Lilley said...

emily- that is my exact recipe. ohmygoodness. sooo delish!