Friday, November 7, 2008

Happy Happy Birthday Wall

This is a random ramblings shout-out to Wall, who is a close friend to and dedicated reader of Random Ramblings. If you are in the Cincinnati area, we will be hopping bars to celebrate 28 years of Wall on Saturday let me know if you want to join.

You never know what could happen, we could get him to show us some of his sa-weet dance moves?:

Maybe with enough miller lites we could get him to makeout with office supplies??:

.....or maybe we could make sure to buy him enough shots to let us shave some kind of a fu manchu type situation onto his face?

You will never know the answer to any of these questions if you arent in attendance...

(unless of course I take pictures and write up a summary and post it on the world wide web, but thats besides the point)

Happy birthday Wall!!!!


Anonymous said...

That is priceless. Best use of the blog ever.

Anonymous said...

I can only hope I have a nice blog tribute on my birthday, complete with embarassing pictures. Happy Friday!

Emily Malone said...

Lilley! Not at all on topic (happy birthday!), but didn't you go the Dominican Republic on vacation?

Casey and I are considering it for a honeymoon spot. Any feedback or recommendations?

Thanks, lady!

Anonymous said...

No Offense to wall but I'm am getting tired of see his mug at the top of this blog. Has Random Ramblings lost it's spark? I personally thought it was just taking off.