Friday, November 21, 2008


Every Friday I get the delightfully classic song in my head that we all grew up listening to on Friday nights:

It's Friday night
And the mood is right.
Gonna have some funnn show you how it's done

Today I decided to look up some of the shows that used to be on TGIF....when I think of TGIF I mostly think of Full House (classic TGIF show), Family Matters (I had an unhealthy obsession with Urkel, seriously I thought that show was HILARIOUS), Step by Step and Perfect Strangers (ooooh that Balki). But today I decided to look it up to see what shows were on it and was suprised to find the combinations. I decided to learn a new blogging trick and learn a little something new about my friends....all in the same blog! Please vote on your favorite TGIF lineup, and then leave a little note in the comments as to why that was the best lineup...

Also, let's talk about some of the merits of some of these shows....

Family Matters:

This was the SHOW. That Urkel....always in love with Laura and looking for Cheese.. I truly thought at the time that this show was hilarious. I'm almost glad my sister isn't a big keeper upper with this blog, bc she might have some things to add about me and my unhealthy obsession with this show, but let's just say I had a tshirt with him on it and all of his "catch phrases" in neon all around it.....and also a doll that when you pull the string on the back of him he laughs with a snort and says things like "did I do that????" classic. classic. It, did however start to go downhill when Steve invented that "machine" that made him into "Stephan" who was all suave and made Laura fall in love with him. That Laura is so shallow.

Boy Meets World
ANother TGIF Classic and favorite of mine. I was still watching this one once they all got to college and somehow all lived in the same dorm and Topanga and whats his face got married....good show.

Perfect Strangers

OOooohh Balki!
The story line for this show went something like this (I think). Balki was from mepos...where there were apparantly lots of goats and sheep. I can't remember why he had to come to America (anyone?) but he does and finds his cousin Larry (pronounces cussen Larry) and they become roommates. Then they are lucky enough to find girl roommates in the same which one is smart and one is stupid...and everyone lives happily ever after!!....with lots of crazy happenings in between.

oh and the theme song went like this:
Standing taaaallll on the wings of my dreams!
Rise and faaaalll on the wiinnggss of my dreams
rain and thunders! wind and haze! i'm bound for better days (aaaaahhhhh)

(....aaaannnd that's literally all I remember about this show)

And last but not least (at least for this blog) good old, Mr Belvedere:
According to our new arrival
Life is more than mere survival
and We just might live the good life yet.
I can BARELY remember this show, but I do remember one was, they just dont make tv like this anymore......TGIF should come back to primetime television! but which lineup?? Denny, you're out....Mr Belveder and are so in! Vote now!

Thursday, November 20, 2008


Loyal Readers. My sincere apologies for the 2 week hiatus that Random Ramblings has been on. I have so much randomness to ramble about, yet every time I sit down to actually write an entry, I get sidetracked by something and stop….maybe shorter more frequent blogs are the answer….

While I usually blog on my lunch break, this week has been consumed by Monday and Tuesday’s finishing my book club book up at lunch for Tuesday night’s book babes meeting….and Wednesday during lunch I had to do my Spanish homework. Krista has been taking time to teach me, Rob and Jonathan Spanish. Last night was our second class…. I think if she wasn’t a successful businesswoman, she could have definitely been a teacher….she is very patient with us as we continually pronounce everything just plain wrong or in some kind of made up Spanish-y French accent (habit- since all three of us have studied French) ..I sound like some kind of lame high school student….with my book deadlines and homework, but it’s all a lot of fun. I’ve also been consumed by all things holiday….but I am back now.. let the randomness resume.

First off….let’s talk about some recent tv shows.
Grey’s Anatomy: Denny- you’re out. Seriously….now Izzy can make out with ghosts? I am confused and dismayed by the direction Grey’s is going….and if Denny isn’t off the show soon, I might have to take my DVR primetime spot to another channel (ok- we all know that will never happen, but I can at least threaten…

The Hills-Next week Audrina is going to accuse LC of hooking up with Justin Bobby!! Seriously?! Bring on the drama… I’m so excited for this. Also, last week it seemed as though Heidi might finally be coming to her Spencer Senses….I’m excited to see what tonight brings on….

And lastly for this post, let’s talk for a minute about getting and or staying slim during the holiday season….is this possible?

This morning my group at work had a “food day” to celebrate November Birthdays….There are Graeters donuts, buffalo chicken dip (my FAVORITE), pumpkin dip, bagel dip, carrots and dip, a cheese pastry log type situation, taco dip, brownies, cupcakes and a small cake on the table right behind me. Needless to say I had buffalo chicken dip for breakfast…. instead of my usual small oatmeal with a tablespoon of granola. My stomach is not pleased with me….

Then for lunch today in the cafeteria at work there is the yearly Thanksgiving celebration. For $6.50 you get turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, green beans, a biscuit, cranberry sauce AND a peace of pie….I got a small soup, due to the fact that I ate buffalo chicken dip for breakfast, but don’t think I can’t smell mashed potatoes everywhere I go in this building.

Tomorrow is our Group’s thanksgiving lunch…everyone signs up to bring something in for thanksgiving and it all has to be homemade….all these ladies are busting out their super once a year fancy special sides and whatnot….trouble.

Then Saturday we are having our “friends” Thanksgiving. The menu isn’t finalized for this yet, but I have a feeling it will be delicious….and a lot of delicious…

This is just the next 3 days…this is gonna be a rough holiday season….
Season's Eatings!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Happy Happy Birthday Wall

This is a random ramblings shout-out to Wall, who is a close friend to and dedicated reader of Random Ramblings. If you are in the Cincinnati area, we will be hopping bars to celebrate 28 years of Wall on Saturday let me know if you want to join.

You never know what could happen, we could get him to show us some of his sa-weet dance moves?:

Maybe with enough miller lites we could get him to makeout with office supplies??:

.....or maybe we could make sure to buy him enough shots to let us shave some kind of a fu manchu type situation onto his face?

You will never know the answer to any of these questions if you arent in attendance...

(unless of course I take pictures and write up a summary and post it on the world wide web, but thats besides the point)

Happy birthday Wall!!!!

Ran to the Dom

First order of business - a very happy 28th birthday to party boy himself, Mr. Michael Clifford Maratta. If you see this fine fellow slumming around Mt. Adams tonight, buy him a drink and sing happy birthday to him. He'd like that. Nice bowtie, by the way.

I experienced my first old, married man moment yesterday evening. I was at the gym, attempting to banish my dear pal Mr. Beer Belly. I wasn't really into it and was struggling to keep pace with the treadmill. Then, out of the blue, in walks some chick in sweat pants she purchased in the child's section of Target and a sports bra. However, that is not to say that she shouldn't have been wearing said get-up. To borrow a quote from Jocko, her body was "on point". Sure, her face looked like a Mack truck hit it and then backed up to make sure it finished the job. That didn't matter. So not only did I not want to be there, I nearly feel off the treadmill from gawking at the butterface. And I was pissed off about it. Listen, sweetie, I'm there to work off my love handles. If I was in the hunt for boner material, I'd hit the world wide interwebs. Put some clothes on next time.

These little buggers right here are called Puffcorn Delights. If you haven't had these things, do yourself a favor, and DON'T EVER try them. If you have had the pleasure, I'm sure you can appreciate the ensuing rant here. It's not that these guys aren't DEE-LISH, it's that your attempts to resist them are futile. They're light, fluffy, cheesy and obviously coated with an addictive substance that's only rivaled by heroin. If your attention isn't directed solely at the task at hand, you will crush half a bag of these things before you know what's happened. I usually get them at Sam's club, where for $2 you get a bag big enough to feed entire villages in Uganda.

And lastly, have a good life Browns fans.......

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


"This victory alone is not the change we seek — it is only the chance to make that change"

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

My Halloween List & The Election

I am in a hurry today (busy busy day at work) but wanted to take a few lunch break minutes to write about my Halloween! Following Ralphie's lead, I am going to write this blog in a list format due to my haste.

- Always (ALWAYS) open things before buying them from a store where there is a no return policy. Juno/Bleeker was our costume for the night on Friday and I was in a hurry and knew exactly where I had seen the "big stomach" when I had been at the costume store last, so I ran in, grabbed it and called it a day. Well let's just say Friday night's pictures are the definition of a hott mess and there was no way I was going to wear that monstrosity again on Saturday (seriously think of Kate from Jon & Kate plus 8 being overdue by 4 months with her sextuplets)- I don't even want to post a picture from this night but figure, I might as well let you share in the horror. Rob's costume=Awesome. My costume= Hottt mess

- Do not wait for The day after Halloween to get a halloween costume. After seeing the pictures from Friday I was determined to find something (anything) else for the parties on Saturday, but there was literally NOTHING left. My choices were 3x sized renaissance women or "sexy" costumes that no one wanted bc they seriously made absolutely no sense: sexy feather witch (seriously, what is a "feather witch"), a sexy CSI Agent....which was basically just a slutty black plasticy dress with CSI written down the front...I blame myself for the last minute shopping, but use this as a warning.

- Playing flipcup against me and my girlfriends is just a waste of everyone's time. Just give us trophy, bragging rights, or whatever else the prize is, and call it a day. Seriously, we are that awesome.

-Walmart is the best place for costumes....not like their actual Halloween costumes, but their clothes in can seriously find anything there for super cheap. And sometimes it might say it's $14.99 on the tag but then ring up for a dollar....just sayin..

- So basically on Saturday I met up with Twister, a girlscout, bleeker, a jobless santa with an elf, the pillsboury doughboy and a playboy bunny for some delicious homemade pizza at sara's and then headed over to my sister Emily's Mt. Lookout Halloween party. After dominating for hours in flipcup, we headed over to Habits to meet up with Ralphie, Nick, Haylie, Doc and friends...

-Then on Sunday, the Bengals FINALLY WON A GAME...soooo...all in all, a great weekend.

Now tonight is the election. I havent voted yet today so am hoping I don't need to stand in any two hour lines last this evening. Guess I could've voted earlier if I wasnt so freaking indecisive about everything. Wishing everyone a very happy election tonight and an even happier night after the election (no more political commercials!!)

ps. arent our new pictures on the side hilariously geek? love them...but most likely only for a few days.