Thursday, October 23, 2008

Wild Bill visits & Keeneland in pictures

Well this weekend was another fun one! I found out around 2pm that Wild Bill and Heather would be in town for the weekend for a conference and instantly my plan for take out and a dvd for the night turned into happy hour and dinner with bill, wall, wb, heather and rob. Rob, Wall and I headed up early to Yesterdays for some dollar beers which quickly turned into $1 well drinks (hmm- always seems like SUCH a good idea at the time) Wild Bill, Heather and Bill met us there after an hour or so we stayed until 9, when the $1 drinks aren't $1 anymore. Then we headed up to Guidos for food and to our delightful suprise, $2 pbr can't turn down a $2 pbr when Wild Bill is in the house!! So we happily drank those and ate our garlic fries... after a one more drink at Alive One, it was time to turn in, as a charter bus was picking us up at 9am the next morning for a day of fun in the sun at Keeneland.

The next morning we woke up bright and early to Wall's signature/obnoxious doorbell ring and made a delicious breakfast of biscuits, egg and bacon. The original plan was to have all that along with some champagne, but after the night before, the champange decided to stay in the fridge.

We loaded up in the bus and were ready for a day of fun and hopefully more money than we came with.... Well the beginning of the day looked promising! We played a couple of games on the bus, including one where they marked the tires with Ten numbers a piece and you could buy numbers for either $5 or $2. Rob won his tire and before even walking in, was $50 richer! Now I really had high hopes for the day.

Along with this parking lot victory there was lots of food, flowing alcohol, fabulous hats, bus vs. bus flipcup competitions, shotgunning and more. Here are some pictures :-)

One of the best things we did all day was to pay a random shady usher $20 to sit in some awesome VIP Box thanks to Dave C. Parrish, Jr.. for.....not showing up that day?

After figuring out none of the horses I was picking were winning ANYTHING, I called on some backups for help... Mom and Dad were on their way to Florida so I called them to make some picks... After both of their picks came in the last two horses, I should have just called it a day, spent my money on beer and food, and just happily WaTch the races... but I couldnt do it, I was convinced I was going to win something.... I was wrong... wrong wrong.

Afterwards it was time to load onto the bus again for some late night debauchery.... There were fingerstaches, people passed out and dancing in the aisles from the youngins in the front and a lot of passed out people near the back.

Even though I won no money, it was still a great day to be outside and hang out with friends... thanks to Doc for the invite :-)

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