Tuesday, October 7, 2008

SOOO much to catch up on!

It has been an exciting week and weekend! Last Monday night Theresa and the staff of Towne Properties swooped 20 lucky Mt Adams residents off to a 3 hourcocktail cruise down the Ohio River. It was a perfect night out and fun to see the city at night and I also met lots of new Mt. Adams friends that I hadn't met before. Here is a picture of Carrie and I taking in the cruise.

The rest of the week was spent trying to hydrate, exercise, rest and catch up on dvr from the week and weekend before. With best friends in town and Martin's wedding to be excited about, all these things were definitely put on the backburner the week before, so I made plenty of time for catching up on those things.

Friday night Rob, Wall and I went to go support fellow bloggers Lindsey & Emily at Jefferson Hall. They were holding a happy hour to raise money for Team Lungevity who they are running with this Sunday when they run the Chicago Marathon!! If you get a chance stop over to their blog and leave them some luck and love. It was really great to see them and I know they will do fabulous this weekend! Good Luck Girls!

After the happy hour we went to go spend some QT with Krista's fun family at her house. There was a Texas hold'em tournament going on in honor of her sister's 30th birthday, who was in town from Utah. I was greeted at the door with a Margarita from her mom (my kind of family!)- and did pretty well in the tournament. I finally started being pretty loose with my chips as it was getting late and Rob had to work for a couple of hours in the morning.

The next morning I woke up bright and early at 9am to head over for kegs and eggs and a pre-soap box derby party at Wall's house. We headed up around 11:30 for the fun day. There were all kinds of crazy cars including a kool-aid man, the "last supper" (seriously- with like JEsus and all the apostles and everything, they even drove sideways so everyone could see), a Cincinnati 3-way, Luigi from the Super Mario Brothers, a zamboni from the Cincinnati Cyclones,Pacman, and my favorite that I missed bc I was in the bathroom but it's still my favorite just from hearing about it... a giant red stapler from Office Space. It was a beautiful day for day drinking, soap box race and a post soap box race flip cup tourney :-)

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Emily Malone said...

thank you for the well wishes! i am NERVOUS. :) it was so fun seeing you friday, and i think i owe about $200 to your Wall friend. so thanks to him too!

looking forward to catching up for some well-deserved drinks after the marathon!