Thursday, October 23, 2008

Politics is the New Hotness

As I'm sure you're all aware, election day is less than two weeks away. Perhaps you've heard the talking heads on TV talking about this being the most important election of your time. Now, to most of us, that means squat as we've participated in 2-3 presidential elections. But I believe most of these pundits have a point. I mean, take a look around. There's a good chance someone you know has been foreclosed upon, your 401K is worth approximately $0.12 and we're engaged in a war that was started on faulty intelligence that costs the nation $10 billion a month. We're hated internationally, we still haven't caught Bin Laden, and gas is only now reasonable again because the stock market has reached near depression levels.

Despite all that doom and gloom, however, you've got the chance to right the ship on Nov. 4. You may cast your vote for a man whose judgement far surpasses any experience his opponent may have. You may cast your vote for a man who intends to end a war that was waged because W. promised Daddy he'd get that rascally rabbit in Iraq. You can vote for a man who thinks you, the middle class nobody, deserves a greater tax break than Carson Palmer does. You can vote for a man who believes that campaigns should be run on issues and policy, not fear and hate mongering. You can vote for Barack Obama.

John McCain seems like a real swell guy and he'd be a great person to have a beer with some time. I bet he tells a kick-ass story and can recite jokes that would make you blush. But "my friends", can you honestly make yourself believe you'll be better off in 2012 after 4 years with him at the helm? He's essentially the status quo, and how's that worked out for us? He doesn't want to leave Iraq until we "win" the war. I defy you to define "winning" the Iraq war. He supports the George Bush trickle down economic policies that's placed so many Americans in financial dire straits. And a fact that's been overlooked far too often, the Mav is 72 years old with a history of cancer. In the unfortunate event that he should pass while in office, Caribou Barbie would be the President of the United States. Think about that. She thinks the role of the VP is to "run the senate" and that she has foreign policy credentials because she can see Russia from Alaska.

McCain has ran his campaign by telling us why BO is wrong about this and that rather than telling us why he's right. He's spent countless hours talking about William Ayers and Jeremiah Wright, Tony Rezko and Joe the Plumber. He and Miss Alaska continue to tell us how Obama will raise your taxes, despite the fact that the claim has been dispelled by many of fact checks. They insinuate Obama's policies amount to Socialism or Marxism with nary an idea of what either even means.

The choice is yours on election day, and I think the choice is pretty clear. But even if you don't support my candidate, I implore you to get out there and vote. As Bob Schieffer would say, "It will make you feel big and strong."

Let me have it in the comments McCainiacs, assuming there are some of you out there.....

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Anonymous said...

all of the options suck!

Anonymous said...

They're both liars and cheats who promise so much, yet won't produce 1/2 of what they say. Thanks for the insight, though...

-Concerned Voter

RGB said...

Four years ago, I had similar thoughts as the individuals that have already posted comments. I felt like no matter who won, nothing was going to change. Maybe I was right? At the end of the day I ended up not voting.

Looking back on my decision not to vote I see I made a crucial error. For the past four years, I had to sit back and just watched this country fall to pieces, and I had no right to say a word because I did not vote. I feel if someone is legal age and does not vote, then they shouldn't complain about decisions being made.

After four years of keeping my mouth shut, I see this election is totally different than any other election I have been alive for. This could be one of the most important elections of our generation's lifetime.

I should start by saying that I am voting for Obama because he brings change by just taking office. The color of his skin should not be a factor, but I see it as a large problems with some close minded individuals. When I look at the issues that matter, Obama without a doubt defends my opinions. I will only rant on the Environmental issue, although there are many issues I could go off about. Look at each candidates environmental policies, its scary to think that McCain believes more Nuclear Power Plants are a great answer. Nuclear over Wind Power? Yes both sources create little co2 emissions, but only one of these two power methods creates one of the worlds most hazardous byproducts. Lets not even discuss the security and human endangerment issues there are with nuclear power. McCain also believes in $4 BILLION more tax breaks for Oil companies. These massive Oil companies claim that they need more money to "explore" land for drilling, most of these lands they want to drill are protected wilderness lands. This irritates me because the Oil companies own tens of millions of acres of land that they do not intend on ever using. Instead they'd rather disrupt nature to further their profits. Even if these companies did start drilling now, it is unlikely that America would ever be able to totally be independent from foreign oil. Its these kind of opinions that McCain have that makes me believe he is totally disconnected to the modern world.

Please consider the issues carefully and Go out there and vote Nov 4th.
Yours truly,

disabelladesign said...

one of random ramblings least random posts yet. i fully support your ideas on obama. he'll be getting my vote also.