Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Greetings Readers!

Greetings readers. I’m the new kid in school, Ralph. Jen’s already written a very informative bio of me, so I’ll waste no time speaking to my political views, my favorite kind of beer or why I root for the “professional” football team in Cincinnati. This week I bring you up to speed on my visit to the Circleville Pumpkin Show. The Pumpkin Show is dubbed as the “The Greatest Free Show on Earth”, and boy does it live up to the billing. Among the “delicacies” found here are pumpkin waffles, chili, milkshakes and pie. Speaking of pie, some chick named Lindsey makes this ginormous one every year.

It’s over 400 pounds and 6 feet in diameter. Evidently, after the Pumpkin Show, they just end up feeding it to the local pigs. And I mean actual pigs, not the inhabitants of Circleville (zinger!). They were out of chili by the time we got there on Saturday (we sat in traffic upwards of an hour and a half) and the line for the pumpkin donuts was nearly a hundred deep. However, with the help of my 3 associates, we were able to consume the following:
-Onion Rings
-2 helpings of Cheese on a Stick
-1 Potato Pancake
-Sauerkraut Balls
-Bowl of Chicken & Noodles
-Roasted Pumpkin Seeds
-Pumpkin Coffee
-Pumpkin Brownies
-Pumpkin Caramel Pecan Sundae
-Potato Ribbons
-Pumpkin Cream Puff
-Corn Dog

The onion rings sucked, but you haven’t lived until you’ve had some cheese on a stick deep fried in corndog batter. The pumpkin eats were solid, but I doubt I reach for a piece of pumpkin pie any time soon.

Beyond eats, they have a number of swell sights and events. The pet parade draws hearty belly laughs and ooh and ahhs from the crowd. They have wing eating and hog calling competitions. No joke, my wife asked if it was a person or the hog that did the calling. I’m fairly certain she felt stupid afterward. There’s also a giant pumpkin display. This sucker right here was this year’s largest at 1,375.5 pounds.
Impressed? Yeah, me neither. I have no idea who this couple is, but I thought it was funny to see Asians, in southern OH, posing in front of a pyramid of pumpkins.

And who could forget the Miss Pumpkin Show Pageant? Here’s your court:

How’s about those turtlenecks, huh? Stylish. Your winner is Rachel Congrove, who was “spunky” and “knew a lot about the Pumpkin Show” according to judges. That evidently was the only criteria. Sadly, I did not meet Rachel.

All told, I’d recommend the Pumpkin Show for anyone within a 45 minute radius of Circleville. The food is good, the events could be entertaining and the person watching is exceptional. Come back next week for another installment of randomness by yours truly.

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Bates said...

I hope to someday I too can visit the Amazingly Fascinating Circleville Pumpkin Show. Next year make sure to make plans to visit my hometown's Pumpkin Festival in Barnesville, OH. The tobacco spitting contest will knock the socks off a hog calling contest. Barnesville King Pumpkin was only 1289 1/2 LBS this year, this means Circleville wins this year for largestest pumpkin, those bastards.
Visit Barnesville Pumpkin Festival Homepage

I do have a tiny gripe, you may want to add Ralphie as a poster because his latest post says posted by Jen Lilley. Just a minor error but if someone would want to search all of the Ralphie posting out in a year this would become a bigger issue. Yes I know I am a geek and no one else cares. It's just a suggestion.

Overall nice posting Sir Ralph. As you may know the WB loves random.