Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Galas and Beer Olympics...We're multi-talented.

I have been dying to update my loyal blog readers on my amazing weekend, but unfortunately a super busy week at work has kept me from updating my blog. (stupid work).

Anyway, I am going to take a few minutes out of my day and tell you about my fabulous weekend. First…..the GALA! Friday night there was a Gala at Union Terminal and we were excited to be a part of it! Suzi and Krista came over to my house beforehand and we got ready pre-prom style by all stuffing into my small bathroom together…everyone looked gorgeous as we headed out the door and to dinner downtown. Everyone was staring at us at McCormick & Schmicks (maybe because we were in prom dresses) but probably because we looked so ravishing. The party was a lot of fun, and they brought in all kinds of white furniture & colorful lighting to make the place look like a nightclub. Also, and probably the most random part of the night, is that Pedro from Napoleon Dynamite was the “celebrity guest dj”….at first we all thought it was super cool that such a random semi-celebrity was at the event….but then we heard him dj. Yeah- Pedro…stick to making hilarious low budget films….your DJ career isn’t gonna take off anytime soon.

The next day I got up with fire in my eyes, as it was the most important competition of the year, The annual Beer Olympics day at Krista’s house. Events in this day include flipcup (both individual and team), beer pong, cornhole, three legged race (where a 40 has to be chugged before crossing the finish line), kindergarten relay & easter beer hunt. With the first ever all-girls beer Olympics team ever to be seen at the event, we were a little nervous, but knew that it was about playing hard AND smart…not just playing hard. (girls are good at that) Mugs & Jugs dominated in the first event which was individual and team flipcup…we quickly moved up the bracket to be number one in this event, and pretty much setting the precedent for the rest of the day.

In the end we didn’t even have to participate in the final event in order to win the day...
Krista, Taylor and Claire….you can be on my beer related athletic team any time.


Anonymous said...

Tell Marietta that only Gordon Gee and Farnsworth Bentley are cool enough to wear bowties.

Anonymous said...

You lead such an exciting life!!